Does the app notify me when maintenance is required?

Bluetooth-connected products have maintenance reminders based on how long you have been using your product.

When it is time to perform maintenance on your machine, a maintenance reminder indicated by a blue wrench icon will be shown in the product list in the Husqvarna Connect app. Select the product to see the full maintenance message on the Overview tab.

Note: The product must be connected to the Husqvarna Connect app by Bluetooth for the reminder to appear. Once it has appeared, it will be available until you choose to remove it, no matter whether the product is Bluetooth-connected or not.

HC Overview Screenshot

What maintenance should I do?

See the maintenance schedule on the Support tab for information on specific maintenance schedules for your product. Please also check the Maintenance section on the Support tab for what type of maintenance you can do and what should be done by a dealer.

For Bluetooth-connected Riders

For Bluetooth-connected Riders, Husqvarna Connect offers a lot of extra information in the maintenance reminder, such as what to do and what spare parts you need. See knowledge article Using maintenance reminders for Bluetooth-connected Riders (X-models) for more information on this.


Remove the reminder

When all maintenance is performed and you want to remove the reminder, open the reminder, select whether you want to save the maintenance to the digital service book and tap Maintenance completed

When there are no pending maintenance alerts or error messages, you will see a grey wrench icon and a “Ready when you are!” message.

Do not get any reminders?

If you do not get any maintenance reminders, try updating your Husqvarna Connect app.



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