Tractor Blade


Product variant

Fits to model
GX 560
R 216
R 213C
R 214C
R 215TX
R 214TC
R 214T AWD
R 216 AWD
R 216T AWD
R 316T
R 316T AWD
R 316TsX AWD
R 316TX
R 316TXs AWD
R 320 AWD
R 320X AWD
Rider 13C
Cutting Deck - Combi 94
Cutting Deck - Combi 94
R 111B
R 111B5
R 112C
LC 146S
CTH 184T
CTH 194
CTH 224T
TC 142
TC 142T
TC 342T
P 520D
P 520DX
P 525D
P 525DX
P 525D with cabin
P 525DX with cabin
P 535HX
Cutting deck - Combi 132
Art no:

Product Description

Genuine Husqvarna 107 RH blade certified for use in combination with Husqvarna mowers.