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Husqvarna Chainsaw Bars Explained

A good bar (sometimes called a chainsaw blade) helps deliver maximum efficiency and reliable when added to any chainsaw.

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Incorrect use of chain oil is a common source of damage to chainsaws and tends to lead to rapid wear of the chainsaw bar, or the chain jamming or derailing.

Solid bars

Solid chainsaw bars are used for hard species of timber, thick bark and in very sandy, dusty or sooty conditions. These bars are coated to protect against scratches and corrosion. Husqvarna offers solid bars in sizes 30-42".

Solid bars with replacement tips

Replacement chainsaw blade tips are recommended to use on long bars to reduce the load on the bar tip. The load is transferred to the high quality roller bearing. These bars are coated to protect against scratches and corrosion. Husqvarna offers replacement tips as spare parts. These chainsaw bars are available from Husqvarna with 3/8" chain pitch in lengths 24-28".

Laminated bars with nose wheel

The gentle curve and small nose radius of these chainsaw bars reduces the risk of kickback and facilitates good cutting control. These bars are coated against scratches and corrosion. Husqvarna offers these bars in 3/8" Mini .325" and 3/8" pitch in lengths 10-20". Also available as TechLite in 3/8" Mini Pitch (12-14") and Pixel 3/8" Mini Pitch (12-16").


Unique to Husqvarna, TechLite chainsaw bars are 18% lighter than conventional bars. This makes them easier to manouvre, which is particularly useful when working in the canopy and using a top handle chainsaw.

X-Force Pro Laminated Bars

Unique to Husqvarna. Our X-Force chainsaw blades offer high durability, easy maintenance and increased productivity. They have a bar nose profile for reduced wear and a corrosion resistant coating. Designed for high productivity and easy maintenance, the bearing system has support shields and no grease hole to prevent dirt from getting into the bearings and additionally eliminates the need to replenish grease. Available in 3/8” pitch, 1.5mm gauge in sizes 15”, 18” and 20”.

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