Battery Blower 120iB

Introducing cordless leaf blowers from Husqvarna

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional landscaper, a battery-powered leaf blower from Husqvarna will lighten your workload and simplify your life. Our battery leaf blowers come with 36-volt Lithium-Ion batteries that produce an airflow to match petrol-driven blowers. They also deliver a running time of up to an hour and a half, depending on the model. All with less noise and environmental impact

120iB Battery blower

Innovations for greater efficiency

Our battery blowers benefit from several innovations that help optimise performance: instant start, fan speed control and an easily accessible boost mode which maximises the blower speed for short periods. Additionally, the absence of a petrol engine means reduced maintenance— no more repairs or status check-ups. And in the long run, a battery-powered blower is more economical for professionals and homeowners alike.

Blower 230iB

Quieter and kinder to your surroundings

A Husqvarna battery blower is the ideal solution for professionals working in urban environments and homeowners who don’t want to disturb their neighbours. Less noisy than a conventional blower, the electric blower emits a sound level of around 80 dB compared to more than 100dB for a petrol blower. From an environmental perspective, the battery-powered blower also has a significant advantage: no petrol means no direct emissions, beneficial to nature and your lungs alike.

Battery Backpack Blower 340iBT

Our most comfortable blower yet

The industry-leading ergonomic design of our battery-powered leaf blowers means that even the most demanding jobs will be kind to your arms and back. The smart handle minimises vibrations and can be angled on most of our backpack blowers. At the same time, many of our models also have rubber inserts on the handle for a stable, comfortable grip. Thanks to the load-reducing harness, our backpack leaf blowers are comfortable to carry and easy to use.