Chainsaw T535i XP and arborist trousers

Tools, equipment and gear for arborists and tree care professionals

As a tree care professional, your success is measured in productivity. You require equipment that delivers cutting-edge performance, state-of-the-art safety features, world-class reliability, and continuous comfort during long shifts. Backed by a legacy of innovative solutions, Husqvarna tree care equipment is designed to help you achieve your potential as a professional.

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We are arborists.

We are foresters.

We are game-changers.

We are just like you.

And we know a great tree care or forestry professional never stops learning. That's why we’ve gathered tree industry experience, recommendations and tips.

Cutting edge products

Every Husqvarna chainsaw is built with just one goal in mind: maximizing your productivity. Outstanding user-centered design means you can do more work with less effort. Effective solutions like AutoTune™ and Air Injection let you spend more time cutting with less downtime.

  • User-centered designs
  • Superior innovations
  • Maximizes your productivity

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Using only genuine Husqvarna accessories guarantees optimum efficiency and prolongs the life of your equipment. Whether you need to sharpen a chain or expand your capabilities as a professional, you can count on the superior quality of our products.

  • High quality
  • Extends the life of your investment
  • Helps you achieve more with your equipment

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Original Husqvarna bars are made to fit perfectly with your Husqvarna chainsaw and withstand the test of time. Use a genuine Husqvarna chainsaw bar to enjoy optimal safety and efficiency, as well as prolong the life of your chainsaw.

  •  Built to endure
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Designed for your Husqvarna chainsaw

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Husqvarna chains have been fine-tuned through research, testing and collaboration with professionals in the industry. Anyone who uses a Husqvarna chainsaw with a Husqvarna chain can expect maximum efficiency and a high level of productivity.

  • Durable
  • Precise sharpness
  • Designed for Husqvarna chainsaws

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When it comes to a saw chain, it's all about the output. That's why Husqvarna designed the X-Cut®, the best chain for your best saw. The X-Cut® supercharges your productivity, with sharpness that lasts straight out of the box.

  • Sharpness that lasts
  • Low stretch
  • High cutting efficiency

Why it's different

Husqvarna’s Arborist Essentials are the basic pieces of equipment needed by every tree care professional. Each item was designed for everyday use by the men and women who maintain the green spaces and urban forests in our communities.

  • Essential tools
  • Premium quality
  • Professional strength

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Husqvarna’s fuels, lubricants and filling equipment have been developed, lab-tested and quality-controlled by Husqvarna engineers to ensure optimum engine performance. A wide selection is available to suit your needs as a professional.

  • Pre-mixed fuel
  • High-octane and ethanol-free
  • High-quality chainsaw bar oil

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Inspired by the best athletic wear, Husqvarna's protective clothing comes with built-in maneuverability and a host of features aimed at enhancing your safety as a professional— without compromising your comfort and performance.

  • Stay safe
  • Stay comfortable
  • Achieve your potential as a professional

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Husqvarna's forestry and wood cutting tools are trusted by professionals and landowners around the world. Our Swedish steel axes, hatchets, mauls, timber hooks and other tools are designed to maximize your ability in the forest, backyard or wherever else you have work to do.

  • Swedish steel axes
  • High-quality forestry tools
  • Maximize the jobs you can do

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Tackle any terrain you need to tame with a forestry clearing saw from Husqvarna. Our commercial-grade clearing saws easily remove small trees, bushes and brushwood with professional power and performance.

  • Powerful
  • Clears brush quickly
  • Commercial-grade dependability

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Join a globe-spanning mission

Join Husqvarna on a globe-spanning mission as we put our latest chainsaw to the test. Is this tool tough enough for challenging work in extreme conditions? Let’s find out!

Become a virtual limberjack

Welcome to Husqvarna's Limberjack — a virtual reality training site where you can pursue your dream of breaking into the World Logging Championships to become the undisputed greatest limber alive.

Service from real pros

Save big on the gear you need

No other chainsaw manufacturer offers products as respected around the world as Husqvarna. Whether you need a powerful professional chainsaw or innovative climbing saw, you can count on Husqvarna to deliver the commercial equipment you need at a savings that can’t be beat by our competitors.

  • Savings for professionals
  • World renowned tree industry equipment
  • Save big on everything you need to succeed

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Track and manage your equipment

Where is your equipment? How much do you actually use it? When should you service or replace it? Connect your equipment to Husqvarna Fleet Services™ for hassle-free tracking and a more productive workday. Your local Husqvarna dealer can explain the benefits of investing in this solution.

  • Track your equipment
  • Know when to service or replace
  • See how often you use a particular machine

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Find genuine Husqvarna accessories

Genuine Husqvarna accessories allow you to maximize your equipment and deliver excellent results in every project you tackle. Husqvarna accessories, fuels and lubricants are designed to the same high level of quality as the rest of our product range, guaranteeing consistent performance.

  • High-quality accessories
  • Expand your equipment's versatility
  • Ensure your equipment runs at peak levels

Keep your equipment in top shape

Every part in a Husqvarna machine is rigorously tested to ensure it interacts optimally with all the other parts. This interaction produces the reliability you have a right to expect from our world-renowned brand. Your local Husqvarna dealer can supply you with genuine replacement parts in a timely manner.

  • Authentic Husqvarna parts
  • Protect your equipment's warranty
  • Avoid future breakdowns or part failure

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Stay ahead with service and repairs

Routine service will improve your Husqvarna equipment's performance and minimize the risk of unexpected repairs. During your service appointment at one of our dealers, the technician will perform a functionality check of safety and operation, then use only genuine Husqvarna parts for any needed repair.

  • Avoid downtime
  • Keep your equipment running efficiently
  • Get your repairs from a qualified technician

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Support for tree professionals

Your Husqvarna dealer can help you overcome the challenges you face as a tree care or forestry professional. Whether you’re looking to try the latest Husqvarna XP® chainsaw or you need a better system for tracking and maintaining your equipment, trust your local Husqvarna dealer to deliver the solutions you need.

  • Expert assistance
  • Innovative solutions
  • Support for your business

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Get the right financing for you

To succeed in the tree industry, you need access to the best and most dependable products on the market. That’s why Husqvarna offers competitive financing, so you can get to work with unbeatable equipment. Speak with your local dealer to learn how to finance Husqvarna equipment.

  • Affordable options
  • Flexible financing offers
  • Get the equipment you need ASAP

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