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The Husqvarna H-team: meet our brand ambassadors

The North American H-Team is an elite and diverse group of highly skilled and respected arborists, forestry workers and professional chainsaw operators. Through close collaboration with our H-Team ambassadors, we are working to advance the tree care industry, sharing our commitment to education and providing technology that enables a safe and sustainable future. Together, we continue to innovate and develop products that are made for professionals, by professionals.

H-Team NA 2023 - Krista Strating

Krista Strating

Krista Strating, a multiple North American Tree Climbing Champion and one-time World Champion, has been changing the game in the tree care industry for over a decade. She not only climbs trees for work, but she also does it for fun, too! Passionate about tree climbing and educating others, Krista believes in the importance of paying it forward and has spent the last 12 years as a climbing instructor at Humber College and for the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop.

Krista is a huge fan of the Husqvarna T540i XP®. She loves the power it maintains while being light, quiet and maneuverable.

H-Team NA 2023 - Ryan Torcicollo

Ryan Torcicollo

Ryan Torcicollo is a competitive tree climber who has won multiple state climbing competitions and championship titles. The former owner of Wasatch Arborists, Ryan now works as a primary safety lead for SavATree, promoting the safety of more than 1,000 field employees across the country.

Ryan has a passion for tree work and appreciates the innovation and change that the industry has experienced as climbing styles continue to evolve.

One of Ryan's favorite Husqvarna products is the Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II. You can always find it in his truck and on every job site.

H-Team NA 2023 - Tobias Wygand

Tobias Wygand

Tobias Wygand is a North American Arborist and lead instructor for North American Training Solutions. His appreciation of nature and thirst for adventure led him to tree work 15 years ago. His strengths include risk mitigation, teaching, and promoting safe team work on any job site. When not in the canopies, Tobias enjoys other hobbies including crafting furniture, playing music, and most importantly spending time with his family and dogs.

Tobias’ favorite Husqvarna products are the 550 XP® Mark II and 592 XP®.

H-Team NA 2023 - Chad Gainey

Chad Gainey

Award-winning chainsaw sculptor, Chad Gainey, travels the United States creating masterpieces out of wood. He regularly demonstrates his skills to the public at fairs and festivals. His work can also be found in city parks, public spaces and private residences worldwide. Using his chainsaws like paintbrushes, Chad puts on a masterclass in chainsaw maneuverability and precision. An expert in chainsaw operation, Chad brings a diverse perspective to the team and is an advocate for pioneering innovation.

His favorite Husqvarna chainsaw is the 550XP® Mark II because of its power to weight ratio and maneuverability.

H-Team NA 2023 - Darren Dean

Darren Dean

Professional Forester and repeat Canadian loggers’ sports competitor, Darren Dean, is the owner of West Coast Lumberjack Shows which travels across North America producing shows for over 1,000,000 guests annually at fairs, festivals and other large events. 

Darren’s favorite saws are the 592XP® and 572XP®, which his team uses extensively in their shows and in the forests of British Columbia where he lives. When not competing, Darren is an avid hiker and outdoorsman.

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