Bluetooth for calls and music streaming

Stay connected. Stay safe.

The new Husqvarna X-COM R comes with innovative features to improve and ease your job. While protecting your hearing from loud noises, you can also easily receive calls and stream music from your phone, as well as connect intercom through an external intercom radio, via Bluetooth®. The built-in FM radio is always available to connect to.

Bluetooth for calls and music streaming - with Bluetooth symbol

Bluetooth® for calls and music streaming

With the integrated Bluetooth® function, you can easily and quickly stream music and answer calls from your phone on your X-COM R. This is safe and comfortable solution to eliminate unnecessary actions while operating forest and garden machines.

Easy to use talk button

Easy-to-use talk-button

We have developed the highly requested talk-button to be larger and therefore more accessible. You will never have to miss a call again. In quieter surroundings, simply push the button to answer incoming calls and talk comfortably into the integrated microphone. For louder surroundings we recommend using the external boom mic, available as an accessory.

Internal antenna

Internal antenna for flexibility and safety

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in branches or brushwood. With the built-in FM antenna you don't have to worry about getting stuck, nor compromising the reception. Simply focus on getting the job done.

Bluetooth for calls and music streaming
Music streaming keypad
Stream music from your phone - easy and simple. Use the control buttons on your X-COM R while your phone stays in your pocket.
InterCom Radio connection
Communicate in a group or between two people through intercom by connecting an external intercom radio to your hearing protection via Bluetooth®.
USB connection charging
USB charging
The USB charging feature makes it easy for you to charge your X-COM R anywhere* and never run out of battery. *Where there's power USB port.
Integrated battery
Integrated battery
Because of fewer openings, the integrated battery has lower risk of getting wet and sustain water damage.
External boom microphone
External boom microphone
The boom mic is available as an additional accessory, excellent for blocking out loud noise. Through the integrated filter, the mic distinguishes speech from surrounding noise.
Hygien kit for hearing protection
Hygiene kit
Keep consistently comfortable and protected, while obtaining good hygiene. The kit consists of absorbent and ear pad cushions. Should be changed twice a year.

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