Team communication, X-COM Active
Save time with a more connected team

The X-COM Active system supports team members by providing clear and concise communication. It features Bluetooth technology that allows you to easily connect to other devices. Team communication is prioritized so that you can save time and work efficiently by relaying important information to everyone on the job site.

X-COM Active
True sound clarity – without delay

X-COM Active provides crystal clear sound clarity. When teammates working far away speak, it sounds as if they are standing right next to you. This precision sound quality makes reliable communication effortless. There is no delay – your team hears you instantly, for an improved work environment.

X-COM Active
Built for your working environment
Robust and weatherproof, X-COM Active is specifically designed and built to withstand your extremely demanding working conditions for reliable communication all day, every day. Pouring rain, strong winds, heat or cold? No problem. And all-day battery power keeps you and your team talking until the job is done.

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“It cuts the sound of the chainsaw out, but still picks out my voice. It’s perfect!” – Krista Strating, H-team Ambassador, Canada

First reactions

We asked our H-teamers to test our new team communication system – and their reactions are anything but indifferent. Click on the video to hear their first reactions after trying a hearing protection and communication system designed specifically for arborists. About time!