Snow removal with less effort with Husqvarna snow blowers

Thanks to the two-stage auger/impeller system, an electric start function, variable drive speed and heavy-tread tires you are always ready for the toughest of winter challenges - regardless of what snow conditions your part of the country have.

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Works well on hard-packed masses

Don’t worry if you don’t get to work right away either. The two-stage system works well even with hard-packed snow by grinding it down before it is fed into the housing and then discharged through the impeller. By using the variable ground speed you will keep your work capacity consistent.

Snow thrower ST327

Easy to manoeuvre in any weather

Slippery and icy conditions? Husqvarna Snow Blowers are equipped with over-sized tread tires to give good traction whenever.

Levers and controls are placed so you can easily reach them. The heated handles, together with an electric starter, will make your machine comfortable to operate even if the climate is harsh.

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Smart start in cold climate

Low temperatures are often tough on batteries. Thanks to our starter system you don’t have to worry about this. By connecting your Husqvarna Snow Blower to a power outlet you can easily start the engine by pressing a button.