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Excellent results with Husqvarna grass trimmers

We offer you reliable trimmers with power and a multitude of uses. They are all easy and flexible to handle thanks to their low weight and smart features. And you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours. Husqvarna Grass trimmers are designed to generate as little noise as possible – ideal if you live in residential areas.

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Smart Start® your perfection

Since the engine and starter in many of our gasoline trimmers has been equipped with the unique Smart Start® function you will be able to start quickly with minimum effort.

Husqvarna Grass trimmers are provided with an auto return stop switch. It means that when the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way your grass trimmer will be ready for use again, whenever you are.

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When silence is golden

If low noise is an important aspect for you, a battery driven grass trimmer is a good choice. Husqvarna low-noise, lightweight, balanced, easy-to-use and battery driven grass trimmers will get the most demanding tasks done. They feature excellent ergonomics, balance and high performance.

The battery grass trimmer is powered by Li-ion batteries, which deliver unsurpassed, long-lasting power and comes in a range of capacities. And with our efficient charger range your battery will be fully charged in no time and you can proceed with your task at hand. With two batteries at hand you can work non-stop all day.

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All-round with many accessories

Gardens are as unique and different as people. You can easily customize your combi grass trimmer after the season and the specific needs of your garden. It’s a versatile tool that delivers reliable results all year around. Just add one of our many accessories.