Lawnmower roundabout

Walk behind machines that make you stay ahead

With their powerful engines, ergonomic features and compact size, Husqvarna lawn mowers are perfect for smaller or oddly-shaped lawns. Thanks to their robust design, they will be reliable partners for your garden maintenance business, for many years to come.

A better, battery-powered workday

With a battery-powered, professional lawnmower from Husqvarna you get the job done, efficiently, but with minimal disturbance. The mowers are easy-to manoeuvre and provide impressive power and performance – without emissions and with minimal noise disturbance. Prepare yourself for a better workday with battery power from Husqvarna.
LB 553S e, WB 53S e

Efficient mowing and greener lawns

Many of our walk-behind mowers are mulching machines, which means the grass is cut twice and finely chopped. The cuttings quickly break down and nourish the soil as natural fertilizer, giving you greener, more finely mowed lawns – and requiring less time and labor since you don’t have to deal with the cuttings.

Walk-behind LB 553S, M 53S Pro

Superb cutting in all situations

Our lawnmowers offer outstanding productivity, day after day. The main reason for this is the generous design of the cutting decks that enables high volumes of grass to be cut. The deck design makes it possible to get a great cutting result even on damp surfaces.

LB 553S, M 53S Pro

Durable aluminum chassis

Husqvarna lawn mowers’ cutting decks are all cast in one-piece aluminum, which gives optimal torsional rigidity and expands service life. Aluminum is a light material that doesn’t rust, and it’s solid enough for tough and demanding operation long-term.


High-capacity collecting

Collecting the grass provides a tidier cutting result and prevents seeding weeds. Husqvarna’s new professional collector mower features a high performance collector with dust blocker and convenient one-hand emptying.