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Artificial intelligence helps cities safeguard green spaces

HUGSI (Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index) is an AI-powered satellite solution that quantifies the greenness of cities around the world by viewing their green spaces from above. The ambition is to help safeguard and improve growth as well as maintenance of green spaces in urban areas.

Green spaces are the lungs of cities. Improving air quality and helping to manage flooding and rainwater. Contributing to the physical and mental health of citizens. As urbanization continues, it’s therefore vital to monitor the proportion between grey and green areas in and around cities.

Protect green areas and improve efficiency

By applying computer vision and deep learning techniques to satellite images, HUGSI gives insights about current state and historic development of vegetation and their surrounding environment in urban areas. This makes it possible to find out how green cities really are, and if densification is reducing the amount of urban green spaces.

Learn more about HUGSI and urban green spaces in the link below.


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