A Husqvarna chainsaw for every challenge

Professional forestry work requires reliable, durable equipment. Whereas easier gardening chainsaw tasks, might require less muscle but the same needs for easy handling. And in the middle, a landowner or farmer benefits most from a flexible all-round tool.

Husqvarna's range of chainsaws offer the ideal combination of maneuverability, durability and cutting capacity – tailor-made for the just about any requirements, making easy work of any challenge, no matter how hard.
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We are a job well done

We know that every task is a challenge. Up in the treetops, out on a limb, in the midst of a dense forest or in your very own backyard or garden. So, we've decided to share our expertise by collecting tips and tricks, inspirational articles, dos and don'ts. What to use, when to use it. And how. All things forestry and gardening, in one single space.

EDC with Cutting Equipment

Making your Husqvarna even better

Designed by Husqvarna – for your Husqvarna, Husqvarna X-CUT™ chains and X-Force™ bars are two ways to get even more cutting efficiency out of your chainsaw. Additionally, we offer a wide range of purpose-developed fuel, lubricants and battery accessories – all designed to make your work smarter and easier.

PGE Landowner

Finding the right chainsaw for home- and landowners

From small, quick cuts and repetitive firewood cutting to felling trees and limbing. We know what it takes to handle this wide range of tasks, no matter the size of your land or project. We have reliable all-round chainsaws suitable for your everyday and occasional use.

Husqvarna chainsaws – discover a world of benefits

Husqvarna chainsaws are designed with the user in focus. This means a strong focus on manoeuvrability and ergonomics. Low gyro forces and excellent weight distribution equals less strain on the user as well as easier handling.

Finally, battery power has caught up. The impressive strength of Husqvarna's new battery chainsaws – T540i XP® and 540i XP® – is well on par with anything a pro petrol 40cc counterpart can provide. While not fit for professional use, the 340i and 120i will still provide impressive power.

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All Husqvarna chainsaws are designed and developed in accordance with our three main focus areas: cutting capacity, manoeuvrability and durability. This translates into products with impressive chain speed and power-to-weight ratio that are lightweight and easy to handle. All constructed from robust durable materials. Built to last, designed to perform.

Husqvarna X-Torq® engines deliver great combustion efficiency, with no compromise on power or torque. Every cycle, the cylinder is flushed with fresh air before the air/fuel mixture enters the cylinder, to prevent unburnt fuel from mixing with the exhausts.

What equipment do we have? Where is it? How much do we actually use it? When do we need to service or replace it? Connect your equipment to Husqvarna Fleet Services™ to keep track of it all – for hassle-free and more productive workday.

Husqvarna Fleet Services

Husqvarna Chainsaws have a standard warranty of one year for professional use and two years for consumers. With Husqvarna Care™ we are now offering you the possibility to prolong the standard warranty with one additional year, for only €1. The offer is valid through local warranty offer/terms.
Air Injection™ is a valuable feature that efficiently purifies the air before it reaches the engine. By centrifuging the incoming air, it removes basically all saw dust and other particles, to keep the filter unclogged, allowing the engine to keep going for much longer without the need to clean the filter. It also saves the engine from unnecessary wear for a considerably longer product life.
AutoTune™ is an automatic feature that constantly fine-tunes the air-fuel mixture, compensating for factors such as humidity, altitude, temperature, fuel quality and, not least, air filter clogging. Your engine runs perfectly – and you never have to tune the carburettor manually again.