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4 things to consider when buying a hedge trimmer in 2023

When choosing a hedge trimmer, consider what job you will use it for. For example, will you be trimming high, low, or long hedges? Is shaping the hedge the main purpose? Read more below on what to think about when buying a hedge trimmer.

There are three major types of hedge trimmers: double-sided, single-sided and pole hedge trimmers. Select the type that fits your gardening needs the best.

Double-sided hedge trimmers - best for shaping

The double-sided hedge trimmer is the optimal choice if you are shaping hedges. A double-sided hedge trimmer can also be equipped with an adjustable rear handle for increased flexibility and better ergonomics when trimming the sides of hedges.

Single-sided hedge trimmers - best for larger areas

If you are looking for a hedge trimmer for straight sections, a single-sided hedge trimmer will suit your needs perfectly. With teeth on only one side of the cutting bar, the blade can be longer without the machine becoming too heavy. And with a longer blade, it is possible to clip larger areas in a single sweep.

Pole hedge trimmers – best for long reach

Pole hedge trimmers are are the best choice for cutting high and low hedges and ground covers. The long reach means you don't have to use a ladder, and the ability to angle the cutting bar allows for faster and more convenient trimming.

    What are the best battery powered hedge trimmers?

    Modern battery hedge trimmers are strong, remarkably silent with low vibrations and easy to maintain. If you work long hours, extra batteries or a backpack battery are an excellent choice to perform your tasks more efficiently and comfortably. Check our battery runtime chart for battery/ product combination runtimes.

    How long will the Bli-X 36V battery last?

    Download 36V runtime chart

    What are the best petrol hedge trimmers & hedge cutters?

    Petrol hedge trimmers feature a strong engine, which makes them excellent for more difficult jobs like trimming overgrown or mature hedges.

    While they are heavier and louder than their electric equivalents, they have a longer run-time and are thus better suited to bigger gardens and hedges. They'll also help you do the work faster.

    Look for the cubic capacity measurement; this will help you determine how powerful the engine is; a bigger cubic capacity is better suited to more challenging trimming circumstances, but it will consume more fuel and require more regular maintenance.

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