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As tough as petrol machines

With our new range of professional battery-powered handheld equipment, you can now do landscaping without having to worry about fumes and noise. Lightweight and designed for comfort and ease of use on long shifts, they’re quiet enough to use anywhere, anytime. There’s no need for petrol, and they meet even the most stringent environmental regulations.

With extremely low running costs, and long battery runtime, they offer high productivity, and the results you and your customers expect. As a matter of fact, they are as powerful as equivalent petrol-driven machines. Below are the five main reasons why our battery-powered tools are a smart investment for both your business and our environment, now and not to mention in the long-run.

Chainsaw T535i XP and arborist trousers

Small investments. Big revenues.

Investing in our battery machines is economically smart in a short as well as long perspective. Every battery charge cost just a fraction of the price of a tank of fuel. This gives you running costs close to zero and means that our battery machines pay for themselves quicker than you might think. And once they do, you’re making money every time you charge. Scroll down this page to find out your break-even point.


Ready for tough, reliable use

Our professional range of battery-powered machines is now stronger than ever, offering high capacity and performance on par with some of their most powerful petrol counterparts. The powerful electric motor provides an impressive output, with full torque from zero rpm, while the heavy-duty design and active cooling allow you to work uninterrupted in any weather. Plus, the machines come with additional smart features, making work even more efficient and productive.

Automower landscape image

Kind to the user and environment

The user-centric design of our battery-powered tools makes your work less strenuous in every situation. Furthermore, these machines allow you to significantly lower your CO2 footprint and reduce your environmental impact – while you reduce emissions of fumes and noise where you work. The image at the right, which is based on a field test, clearly shows the big difference of how far the noise is spread from a battery trimmer compared to a petrol-driven counterpart. To go all-in on sustainability, check out our range of professional robotics mowers.

Fleet Services Inventory iPad Automower

Keep track of your equipment

Forget manual controls. Our digital management tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ keeps you updated and helps you manage your battery machines (as well as petrol-powered equipment) from anywhere. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to get access to a map view of your machines, various detailed statistics, service history of each machine – and get notifications when machines are due for service.

Battery pack - BLI200
Interchangeable Li-ion batteries with a choice of 2.6, 5.2 or 9.4 Ah.
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Battery belt Flexi
Battery Belt Flexi
New, comfortable belt with room for up to three batteries as well as additional accessories. Available in three different versions.
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Battery Backpack Blower 550iBTX
Backpack Batteries
Comfortable, heavy-duty backpacks with enough battery capacity for a full day’s work. Choose between 15.6 or 31.1 Ah.
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Footprint Gardens, Sydney, Australia
For Scott Dooley at Footprint Gardens, using battery-powered tools is a given. And the benefits are easy to explain. ”Using battery gear can definitely open up other doorways, if you want to start earlier or work late, or if you work around people’s homes. Some of our customers don’t even know we’ve been here. We can blow or use the lawnmowers while the kids are asleep”.
Trollhättan cemetery, Sweden
With 45 acres of Trollhättan cemetery in active use, the administration decided in 2013 to begin using battery tools. Initially, the expectations of the grounds staff were low. But after being put to the test, the cemetery’s collection of Husqvarna battery products are now the most popular machines in the fleet.
City of Weissenfels, Germany
When switching to a battery-powered fleet, the German city of Weissenfels invited tenders, and carefully assessed the different options. Every product that was offered was tested by the city’s landscapers, and in the end the choice was clear. Find out why Husqvarna’s products made the cut.

It's all in the details

The battery machines are operated using an interactive keypad. You start and stop the machines easily by pushing a button.

When conditions aren’t on the tough side, choose the SavE™ mode on the intuitive keypad for maximized runtime with great results.

Husqvarna batteries are equipped with a cooling system, which extends the battery cells’ lifetime and lets you work in high temperatures. 

The battery refills quickly in the attached charger. A completely discharged BLi200 battery is 80 per cent charged in only 30 minutes.