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Whether you're a logger or tree care professional, you know the importance of owning the right tools. Husqvarna's professional chainsaws, top-handle arborist saws, pole saws and stump grinders provide hardworking pros like you with unmatched power and superior ergonomics. You'll save time and reduce physical stress by trusting our world-renowned equipment.

Chainsaw 576XP
Professional Chainsaws
Husqvarna professional saws are high-powered tools built for professional arborists and tree care workers like you. Developed using the latest engineering advancements, our chainsaws offer high power at a low weight, plus LowVib® technology for reduced vibrations. Our X-Torq® engines reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and exhaust emissions up to 75%. AutoTune™, available in select models, guarantees optimal engine performance in all altitudes and weather conditions.
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Pole Saw 327PT5S
Professional Pole Saws
Low weight, good balance and rear-mounted engines make Husqvarna professional pole saws the perfect tool for cutting tree branches without a ladder. To make your job even easier, the pole saw’s head is adjustable and delivers automatic chain lubrication.
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Forestry Clearing Saw 555Fx, 555F X-SERIES
Professional Forestry Clearing Saws
Husqvarna’s powerful and well-balanced clearing saws are built to handle long and demanding projects in the toughest conditions. The engines are designed to bring raw power and rapid acceleration with excellent fuel economy.
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