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I've been commercially mowing for 14 years and used nothing but John Deeres. In 2013, bought 2 of these and over 800 hours a piece later, they're running great. With the usual maintenance, they're cheaper to buy and operate.

Cplawncare on Husqvarna PZ 60

I bought a MZ-T 52 in April of 2013, loved it! I wanted to see how good these mowers could get so in September of 2013. I bought the PZ-T 60. WOW! Hands down the best mower. This thing is so awesome, so comfortable, plenty of power! I would put this up to a Scag or Exmark ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! I mow 50 lawns a week with both of my Husqvarna's and they keep on running.

Dominic (Westminster, MD) on Husqvarna PZ-T 60

It’s not the size – it’s the power that matters

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