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Jonsered products are no longer available

Find Jonsered user manuals, service locations and customer service contact info below. Are you looking for a new product? Husqvarna offers a great assortment of forest and garden products.

Information regarding Jonsered

In 1954 Jonsered launched its first chainsaw, the 'Raket'. This entry kick-started a story of success and made Jonsered a name in the forest equipment market worldwide for many years. In 1979 the Jonsered company was acquired by Electrolux but some fifteen years later Electrolux parted ways with its outdoor equipment division and Jonsered became part of the newly formed Husqvarna Group.

Since then, the Jonsered brand has been part of Husqvarna Group, with a portfolio covering chainsaws, other handheld power tools, lawnmowers, snow throwers and more. Jonsered has been a highly appreciated brand by a certain customer group but always a smaller brand in range and sales compared to the Husqvarna brand.

As of September 2022, the product Jonsered will not be available on the market. We will continue to offer the best possible customer service to our Jonsered customers.

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