Working with chainsaws part 1
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File and filing device recommendations

The cutters should be filed according to these angles:

  • Top plate filing angle
  • Side plate cutting angle
  • File down angle
  • Depth gauge setting

The angles may vary depending on the type of chainsaw chain you have. A good way to restore the cutter to the correct angles is to use a filing gauge. By doing this, you don’t need to think about the different angles to ensure a good result. Just follow the instructions and you’ll get the right angles on the cutting tooth.

ChainFile diameterDepth gauge settingFile down angleTop plate filing angleSide plate cutting angle
X-CUT C83/C85/S83G7/32" 5,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm30°60°
X-CUT SP33G3/16" 4,8 mm0,025" 0,65 mm
X-CUT S93G5/32" 4,0 mm
0,025" 0,65 mm

X-CUT SP21G5/32" 4,0 mm
0,025" 0,65 mm

H005/32" 4,0 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°30°85°
H21, H23, H263/16" 4,8 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°25°60°
H22, H25, H283/16" 4,8 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°30°80°
H303/16" 4,8 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°30°80°
H35, H375/32" 4,0 mm0,025" 0,65 mm30°80°
H384,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm30°75°
H46, H42, H45, H47, H48, H50, H47S, H48S7/32" 5,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°25°55°
H49, H51, H54, H587/32" 5,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm35°85°
H56, H57, H56S, H57S7/32" 5,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°25°60°
H64, H64S7/32" 5,5 mm0,030" 0,75 mm10°35°85°
H80, H817/32" 5,5 mm0,025" 0,65 mm10°25°60°
H82, H83FLAT0,025" 0,65 mm-15°90°