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Husqvarna is known for our dedication to professionals. Green industry companies of every size count on Husqvarna for our innovative products and superior dealer support. We're leading the way with the next generation of landscaping solutions. If you want to reach new heights as a landscaper, Husqvarna is ready when you are.

Backpack Blower 580BT / 580 BTS Mark II

Hear what your equipment is telling you

Where is your equipment? How much do you actually use it? When should you service or replace it? Connect your equipment to Husqvarna Fleet Services™ for hassle-free tracking and a more productive workday.

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Discover your full trailer solution with Husqvarna's Commercial Fleet Program

No other outdoor power equipment brand offers as wide a range of products as Husqvarna. Whether you need a powerful professional mower or innovative handheld equipment, you can count on Husqvarna to deliver your full trailer solution.

Products developed for landscapers by landscapers

Husqvarna’s commercial Automower® range is ready to revolutionize the green industry. Whether you manage public or private properties, Automower® is a smart investment you can count on rain or shine. Let robots handle the lawn maintenance while you devote time and money to other projects.

  • Works around the clock in all conditions
  • Virtually silent – works without disturbing the neighbors
  • Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gives you total control from anywhere

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Husqvarna's battery products are lightweight and quiet enough to be used in any neighborhood. Since there are few vibrations and zero fumes, they're perfect for work during long shifts, even in indoor spaces. Plus, the shared 40V batteries make switching between tasks quick and easy.

  • Quiet, lightweight and zero emissions
  • Eliminate annual fuel and maintenance costs
  • Start at the touch of a button— no more starter cord frustration

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Blowers built by Husqvarna are legendary tools. Each blower is outfitted with unique fans that generate high air velocity and extreme airflow. Every detail, from the fuel tank’s capacity to the shape of the nozzle, is optimized for all-day performance. Go with a blower that makes your job easier.

  • Powerful blowers that can handle heavy piles
  • Perfectly balanced so you won’t strain your back or shoulders
  • Fans are designed for maximum air speed, but minimum turbulence and air loss

At Husqvarna, we want your chainsaw work to go smoothly and safely. That’s why we focus as much on the handling and user features of our chainsaws and pole saws as we do on their industry leading power. No matter what your project may be, you should feel empowered to focus on the job at hand.

  • Excellent handling and maneuverability
  • User-focused design and control features
  • Superior power, as well as reduced fuel and emissions

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Husqvarna hedge trimmers are powerful, lightweight and well-balanced machines. Our professional trimmers come packed with smart features such as twistable handles. Don’t settle for just another trimmer – choose a superior model that lets you trim hedges and bushes with accuracy and precision.

  • Advanced anti-vibration system
  • Tough gear design for extended operation
  • Long, sharp blades with optimized cutting angles and larger tooth openings for cutting thick branches

Husqvarna’s stand-on mowers are designed to help you cut more grass in less time. The heavy-duty fabricated deck is built to withstand long shifts on the turf, while the powerful drive system will speed you through the day. All the while, you’ll be impressed by the mower’s precise cut quality.

  • Backed by an industry warranty
  • Designed for long hours on the job
  • Features easy-access service points

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Husqvarna’s string trimmers and brushcutters are built to withstand the most demanding jobs. They’re not only reliable, powerful and efficient, but they’re well-balanced, lightweight and very easy to handle. The result is you’ll save both time and energy by trimming with a Husqvarna tool.

  • Low vibrations reduce strain while trimming
  • Next generation engines deliver high fuel efficiency
  • Impact guard protects both the tank and starter from collisionAdvanced anti-vibration system

Professional Zero-Turn Mowers

Husqvarna’s zero-turn mowers are built to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. Performance, productivity and comfort are key components of the design of each model in our commercial-grade lineup. For lawn maintenance jobs large and small, count on Husqvarna.

  • Industry leading durability
  • Premium levels of operator comfort
  • Streamlined design for easy serviceability

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