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High-performance parts and user-friendly designs make lawn care easy

Husqvarna commercial turf equipment is for professionals who tackle the toughest lawn care jobs. We offer a variety of lawn aerators, walk-behind edgers, sod cutters and dethatchers. Husqvarna equipment has the power and performance you need to get the job done.

Sod Cutters

Husqvarna’s five-speed sod cutters are effective for restoration of lawns and other landscape areas. Featuring a synchronized variable speed throttle and power reverse, they provide the maneuverability needed to get the job done fast.

Sod Cutter SC18

Lawn Dethatchers

Husqvarna dethatchers feature customizable blades tailored towards your lawn type, promoting a better and greener lawn. Other features include a simplified depth control lever, an adjustable handle with three operating heights, and easy folding for transport and storage.

Dethatcher DT22

Lawn Aerators

A healthy lawn starts with proper aeration. Husqvarna lawn aerators are perfect for your lawn care needs, providing easy maneuverability, storage handling and rear-wheel control.

Aerator AR19

Walk-Behind Lawn Edgers

Husqvarna walk-behind lawns edgers can trim, edge and bevel any landscape at a faster pace than their handheld counterparts. Featuring adjustable wheels and quick blade rotation, walk-behind edgers are perfect for your manicured lawn care needs.

Edger BE550

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