HUSQVARNA 40-C80 Charging Rail without chargers


Product Description

Husqvarna 40-C80 charging rail offers a convenient way to attach and connect up to eight 40-C80 battery chargers.
This robust rail, made of high-quality aluminium, keeps your 40-C80 chargers securely in place and in good order without tangled cables. Mount the rail on the workshop wall or shelf to save space, or place it on your desk laying on the included rubber feet. The 8-to-1 cable connection needs only one wall socket for power. The product does not include chargers and batteries.

Product Information

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SKU: 536 14 43‑03

Product data
SKU: 536 14 43‑03
Voltage120 V
Frequency60 Hz
Weight (complete product w/o side packed articles)3.7 kg