Husqvarna Fleet Services – a unique service for landscaping professionals

Antwerp, September 30, 2015

Husqvarna Fleet Services is a cloud-based service that connects the machine-fleet and the landscaping teams directly to an online portal. This enables landscaping professionals to get improved insights into their operations, right at their fingertips. Husqvarna is now taking Fleet Services further by launching a smartphone app that further supports work in the field and increases crew involvement.  

“Say farewell to guestimates and unexpected downtime. Connectivity and insights from data are elevating landscaping professionals – operators, technicians, managers, dealers and us at Husqvarna – to simply work smarter, with better precision in everything we do, from detailed tasks to the bigger picture.” says Håkan Wahlgren, project manager at Husqvarna. 

Håkan Wahlgren, project manager at Husqvarna

By mounting a small wireless machine sensor (data collector) to an outdoor power product, Husqvarna Fleet Services can help professionals optimize the use of equipment. Machine status data is captured and translated into valuable information for landscaping businesses and their teams. Whenever the product is in use, data on engine-on time, engine RPM, distribution, temperature and more is collected wirelessly and uploaded to an online portal.

An example of how it works

Imagine that the sensor on a ride-on front mower sends the fleet manager a message that it needs service in 25 hours. The same message can also be sent to the closest Husqvarna-dealer, giving them a heads-up if spare parts need to be ordered or if it is necessary to book time for service. Not only would you be able to book a service in advance, but also plan your maintenance, maximizing uptime and enabling a proactive maintenance strategy.

Husqvarna Fleet Services can also cross-reference information about each machine and user so that each worker within a landscaping team can get individual feedback on specific machine handling skills or vibration exposure levels. This enables both operators and managers to be informed on important matters such as a staff’s exposure to vibrations, need for service on the equipment or optimization possibilities.

New smartphone app

Husqvarna Fleet Services can be easily accessed online via a computer or the new smartphone application that has several new functions developed to support the landscaping team during the day. The app, which will be available end of 2015, supports on-site operations and improves crew involvement. On the screen the team leader and the operator can access work order on the map, the customer list and even capture and submit new business opportunities – for example unattended green spaces not included in the current assignment – to the new ‘business lead bank’. The workday log, the vibration report and the video library is also just a tap away.

“The tools within the new app make it easier for landscape businesses to benefit from the collected intelligence of the team. It brings managers closer to the field and operators closer to the business.” says Håkan Wahlgren, project manager at Husqvarna. 

Håkan Wahlgren, project manager at Husqvarna

Applicable across Husqvarna’s range

The machine sensor is designed for Husqvarna Commercial Lawn and Garden products such as ride-on mowers, walk-behind mowers, and the handheld commercial range with trimmers, backpack blowers, hedge-trimmers and chainsaws.

Husqvarna Fleet Services is currently in beta mode with landscaping businesses in seven countries (Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and UK) working actively with it. Since the launch in 2014 Husqvarna has continuously monitored system performance, support procedures, and also measured the perceived value from all users, to fine tune and further develop Fleet Services.

Hardware and data

The sensor platform for Husqvarna Fleet Services consists of a machine sensor for each machine, an optional operator tag (OpTag) and a base station to transmit the data to the cloud. All collected data is thereafter accessed via an online portal or a mobile application.

The data about the machine fleet usage and the landscaping teams is sorted into the following main categories: 

  1. Workday log – gives a quick answer to how productive the company really is, visualizing how much the whole fleet, or individual machines, are being used. With that information, it becomes clear if the fleet needs to be expanded or not.
  2. Interactive maintenance system – keeps track of all machines and alerts both the service manager and Husqvarna dealer before maintenance intervals. Each machine family has a dedicated maintenance program allowing for maximized up-time, safer machines, prolonged machine life and better control.
  3. Machine handling – allows managers and operators to understand how to better handle and master each product in the fleet in an optimal way. Improved machine handling can prolong the life of the product, improve safe machine operation, and enhance wellbeing for staff as well as efficiency and productivity. There are also positive effects on both wallet and environment from reduced fuel consumption.
  4. Vibration reports – focuses on improving the health and safety of operators in the field by helping them better understand and manage vibration levels. Though Husqvarna constantly strives to minimize vibration, all power tools generate a certain level of movement. The vibration report gives an indication of how much vibration each employee has been subjected to, in reference to applicable EU standards, and provides invaluable proactive tools for both management and the operators to utilise them better.
  5. Library – continuously aims to arm both management and operators with practical, up-to-date insights and tools. This includes operator manuals, workshop manuals, parts lists, machine handling movies and tutorials.
  6. Business lead bank – landscaping teams can submit business leads from the field. Those business leads ends up in a ‘Business lead bank’ making it easier to landscapers to communicate the most cost-efficient way to improve the maintenance levels on the park.
  7. Greencare objects – allows managers to create the information around each park or greencare object. Information can include tasks, dates, frequency, quality levels, location information and contact information. All this is then pushed out to the team via the smartphone app.
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