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Husqvarna range of 2-stroke oils for cleaner, higher performing, more efficient engines

Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products — launches three oils for Husqvarna 2-stroke machines. These 2-stroke oils have been formulated with outstanding lubrication and detergency, so engines get optimum power output and a longer lifetime.

The range of 2-stroke oils from Husqvarna mean less friction between all moving parts within the engine, and contributes to better product performance and machine lifetime.

Selection of oils

A reduction in friction means engine components do not get heated up as easily, which results in a lower temperature in the engine. With cooler engine temperatures, fuel and air are able to mix more efficiently, giving products increased performance by enabling optimum engine power output.

Better lubrication also protects against metal-to-metal wear, which minimizes the need for machines to undergo servicing, and gives longer product lifetime overall since there are reduced machine seizure problems as well.

Cleaner engine for better performance

Husqvarna 2-stroke oils have also been engineered with a focus on detergency, which helps keeps engine parts clean by reducing the build-up of deposits in the machine’s combustion chamber, piston head, muffler and exhaust ports — resulting in less ring sticking problems and machine stoppages.

Cleaner engine parts also means that Husqvarna products are easier to start up, because of the improved compression in the combustion chamber, making machines that use Husqvarna 2-stroke oils more efficient because of an increase in uptime.

HP 2-stroke oil The HP 2-stroke oil features excellent lubrication and detergency, which maximizes engine performance and machine durability.

LS+ 2-stroke oil The LS+ 2-stroke oil features excellent lubrication and detergency for better engine performance and durability. It is also semi-synthetic, which means the LS+ is more stable at higher temperatures, and is formulated to produce less smell and reduced visible exhaust fumes, giving users a better work environment.

XP Synthetic 2-stroke oil The XP Synthetic 2-stroke oil is a fully synthetic oil, which means it is the most stable out of the three lubricants at high temperatures. The XP Synthetic is also biodegradable, so that once it passes through the machine’s engine, the oil in the exhaust fumes will decompose, giving users a better working environment. As with the other 2-stroke oils in this range, the XP Synthetic gives long lasting durability and professional-level performance, as well as reduced exhaust fumes.

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