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How do Automower® robotic lawn mowers work?

How does Automower® give you a perfect lawn? The answer is Automower® is a smart technology that automatically clips a little grass at a time while naturally fertilizing the turf.

That's why, with Automower® robotic mower at your home, you're not just getting another lawn mower– you're getting the guarantee of freshly cut lawn 24/7. Forget horsepower, cutting width, engine maintenance and the other details of traditional mowing. Automower® is the innovative solution you've been searching for!

How it works

A guide wire helps Automower® navigate back to the charging station when the mower is in a remote corner of the lawn.

Automower® recharges automatically, returning to the charging station via signal or by following the wires.

If Automower® encounters an object, it will stop, reverse and go in another direction. When lifted, the blades shut off.

Automower® cuts a little grass at a time, staying ahead of growth and fertilizing the lawn naturally with the tiny clippings.

Three uniquely designed blades quietly and safely clip grass without damaging property or foreign objects.

Automower® works within the boundaries of an easily buried wire that can be customized to any yard's layout.

Automower® navigates the yard in a random pattern to ensure an even, carpet-like cut. Select models use GPS to boost efficiency.