Hedge trimming has never been easier

Everything we do is about making your work easier. Our professional hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are robust and powerful, yet lightweight and well-balanced work companions. Crammed with smart features, such as rotating handles and remotely operated angling of the cutting deck, that allow you to work quickly and efficiently in even the most demanding situations.

Professional trimming – without emissions

Husqvarna’s professional battery-powered hedge trimmers will supply a wide number of benefits – for you as well as for your customers and people in your surroundings. The trimmers are powerful enough to take on heavy-duty tasks, improving your workday thanks to general battery benefits such as the absence of emissions. Thanks to low noise and minimal vibrations, they will provide an easier, better workday.

522HDR60X, 522HDR75X, 522HD60X, 522HSR75X, 522HS75X, 522HDR75S, 522HDR60S, 522HD60S, 522HS75S

Tough gear design for extended operation

Our hedge trimmers are built for many years of trouble-free work. Gear housings and covers are made of high-grade, lightweight aluminum and magnesium. Connecting rods with needle bearings and sealed, permanently greased bearings, means easy maintenance and longer service intervals. And specially developed seals efficiently prevent dust and dirt from getting into gears.


Advanced anti-vibration system keeps you alert and productive

Our anti-vibration system — Low Vib — protects your hands and arms, even during extended use. Damping elements of steel springs or rubber moldings between the engine body and handle mount effectively absorb vibrations from the engine, transmission and cutting equipment.

Battery power

Low weight. Low vibrations. Low emissions.

With their low weight, low vibrations and exhaust-free operation, our battery hedge trimmers and hedge cutters enable a healthy working environment for the operator. And to the delight of both operator and local residents, the battery-powered motor runs quietly, keeping noise levels down. After a workday spent trimming hedges you will probably feel the difference in your arms and shoulders, as well as in your nose and ears.

325HD60x, 325HD75x, 326HD60x, 326HD75x, 323HD60, 123HD60, 325HS75x, 325HS99x, 326HS75x, 326HS99x

Optimized knives for job efficiency

We have designed our cutting knives with your productivity in mind. A solid beam – providing excellent rigidity and durability – supports the two extremely sharp blades. With great knife speed and big teeth openings it’s possible to cut thick branches with great efficiency.