Protective clothing for any performance level

Each job comes with different requirements, and good protective equipment must provide reliable protection, no matter the conditions. Our range of protective clothing takes into consideration every type of work. Offering the latest innovations in design and high-quality materials, they will provide you with the level of protection and comfort you need to get the job done.

Well ventilated

The new Husqvarna protective clothes

Ever since the early 1950s, when the first logger replaced his cap with a helmet, the purpose of protective equipment has been to prevent injuries. Learn how Husqvarna’s new range of protective clothes is the next step in safety, comfort, and productivity.

Pocket on leg

Materials chosen for your arena

To the user, comfort is in large parts a feeling. It’s our job to find out exactly how that feeling is created, how it can be improved, and what type of comfort is needed in each case. The materials used in Husqvarna protective clothes have all been either developed or hand-picked by us, and then put through many tests in the lab and in the forest to make sure they make the cut.

Hook and Loop Adjustment

Find your size

Depending on which model you buy, the clothes will fit differently on your body. The Classic and Functional lines have a regular fit, Technical has a tight fit, and Technical Extreme has a slim fit. Check your body measurements against the guide below to find your right size. We recommend you to always try the garment on to ensure the best fit.

Chainsaw 560 XP and Technical extreme

Whole clothes are safe clothes.

In addition to washing and cleaning your protective wear, you also need to check for heavily worn areas, damages and tears in the fabric. The protective functions may be seriously reduced if repairs are not carried out properly. Use our repair guide for reference, and always consult your dealer if in doubt.

Technical Extreme Forest jacket - Next Web Crop
Technical Extreme
Style, fit and performance taken to the extreme. These clothes are prepared for any work in any condition, with outstanding comfort, movability, durability and perfect thermal control. They are well-ventilated and adjusted for the perfect fit and feature boot hooks to keep your trousers in place. Easy-access pockets perfect for your mobile phone. Braces included.
Technical Forest Jacket - Next Web Crop
Task-optimised, tight fitting and thoughtfully crafted for full-time forestry. High movability, durability and smart ventilation make long working hours easier. These clothes are adjusted for the perfect fit - with pre-bent knees, stretch for comfort and excellent ventilation. Reinforced where you need it and featuring easy-access pockets.
Functional Forest jacket - Next Web Crop
Smart and durable for part-time forestry. Regular fit, ventilation features and ease of use enables the user to move freely and focus on the job. The clothes are reinforced for durability for tough use. Adjusted for perfect fit, and well ventilated to keep you comfortable.
Classic Forest jacket - Next Web Crop
Reliable, affordable and especially suitable for occasional chainsaw users. High protection provides confidence for the user when working. They feature completely covered saw protection padding and are reinforced for durability. Ventilated for your comfort, and including zipped pockets for easy access to your belongings.

Safe and comfortable

 Pre-bent to ensure a perfect fit in all working positions.

* Technical Extreme only

The clothes come with hook and loop wrist and ankle strap, as well as elastic drawstrings at the waist and at the lower bottom of the jacket, allowing you to adjust your gear for a perfect fit.

Attach the boot hook on the inside of the cuff to your laces, to keep them tightly secured.

Openings at the yoke and the lower back make for good ventilation. Zippers in the armpits and at the back of the legs let you adjust the airflow to your liking.