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Saws for a Cause #goPink

Husqvarna – one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products – has partnered with local charity, PinkDrive to raise the bar for breast cancer awareness during the month of October 2016.

Breast cancer is currently the most common cause of cancer death for females, and is the second most common cancer overall. There is currently no cure for breast cancer — which is why research is of vital importance.

“There are thousands of female foresters and arborists around the world. With this campaign we want to honour this group of often forgotten tree-care experts that are out in the field every day taking care of our parks and forests,” said Adrian Beaumont, Country Manager – Sales & Marketing at Husqvarna South Africa.

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Husqvarna has launched a global campaign to raise awareness – and donations – during the month of October.  Husqvarna has produced a limited edition pink toy chainsaw, available exclusively through participating Husqvarna Servicing Dealers while stocks last. Any customer who spends a minimum of R 2 500 in any Husqvarna dealership between 1 – 31 October 2016 will go into a draw and stand a chance to win a limited edition pink 450 Rancher Chainsaw valued at R 8,000!

“Husqvarna’s Saws for A Cause initiative is a global campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer charities across the world,” said Beaumont.  “We all know someone who has been affected by some form of cancer and we all understand the importance of early detection. PinkDrive is dedicated to providing a free women’s health service to the medically uninsured in South Africa and advocating for change in the cancer space.   Husqvarna is honoured to partner with PinkDrive to help raise the bar for breast cancer awareness”.

But Husqvarna’s Saws for A Cause Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is just one way in which the company shows consideration for the needs of the fairer sex.

Husqvarna recently added a new chapter to our history of innovation – the Husqvarna Battery Series. Husqvarna’s professional and homeowner battery products offer all the power, performance and intuitive design you expect from Husqvarna – without the need for petrol and refueling. Just quiet, clean, convenient operation, long-lasting lithium-ion batteries – and the professional results you deserve.  And because our battery products are also lightweight and ergonomic, it’s no surprise why they are fast becoming a favourite with female operators.

Husqvarna’s range of professional battery products – which includes brushcutters, clearing saws, pole saws, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, top handle saws and blowers – are revolutionizing the working lives of arborists, farmers, landscapers, groundskeepers and gardeners across the globe.

Battery benefits - Why the fairer sex naturally gravitate towards Husqvarna’s battery products

Comfortable to use

Our battery products have a compact, slimmed-down design, exceptional balance, low weight, comfortable handle grips and intuitive controls allowing you to work comfortably in all situations.

Simple operation

Smart and intuitive, our battery machines are operated using an interactive keypad.  Start and stop the machine easily with the push of a button.

Low maintenance

No refilling of fuel, less parts to service and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operating costs.

One battery fits all

Our batteries are quick to recharge and even quicker to swap.  You can even opt for a comfortable backpack battery to keep you going all day long.

No fumes. Less Noise.

With no fumes, Husqvarna battery products are clean and pleasant to use. And their quiet, powerful, electric motors mean you can start working earlier – even in noise-sensitive areas.

High performance

Husqvarna brushless motors offer light, durable efficiency – and superior torque to many petrol machines. Use with the #6V Li-ion battery pack for long-lasting power.

Lasting power

The Li-ion 36V batteries provide long lasting power and top class performance. They are equipped with a cooling system, which extends the battery cells’ lifetime and allows you to work in high temperatures.

All weather use

Whatever the weather, the Husqvarna Battery Series keeps on working. Rain, humidity or heat won't stop them.

“Husqvarna’s battery products are tough, efficient, slimmed down, ergonomic, easy to operate and maintain and kind to the environment. If you want to know what women want from an outdoor power product, this is the answer,” says Beaumont.

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