Dodatna oprema za Husqvarna baterije

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Istražite naš asortiman dodatne baterijske opreme kako biste upotpunili svoju baterijsku zbirku marke Husqvarna i unaprijedili svoj sljedeći projekt na otvorenom – s nosačima, remenima za baterije i još mnogo toga.​

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Husqvarna battery accessories enhance the functionality of your Husqvarna battery equipment. Wear the Husqvarna battery belt FLEXI around your hips or pull our battery backpack over your shoulders to increase your comfort, endurance and battery capacity during long, productive days. Multi-functional solutions and tailor-made adapters, carriers or holders attach to your FLEXI and help lighten the load on your arms while still keeping everything you need within arm's reach as you work. And our chargers and storage solutions keep your batteries safe and organised while in transit or between use.