Fluctuating water pressure in a high-pressure washer

While using your high-pressure washer, you may notice fluctuating water pressure.

Hoses are bent

Make sure that there are no bends in the hoses.

Water supply is insufficient

Ensure that a sufficient water supply is connected and that the water source is turned on. Avoid using long, thin hoses.

NOTE: In order for your high-pressure washer to work properly, you must use the correct hoses, water pressure and water temperature. You can find this information in the operator’s manual of your product.

Blocked nozzle

Clean the nozzle.

How to clean a nozzle on a high-pressure washer

There is air in the system

In order to eject the air from your high-pressure washer, you must bleed the system.

Water filter is dirty

Clean the water filter.

How to clean a water filter on a high-pressure washer

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