How to clean a water filter on a high-pressure washer

When using your high-pressure washer, the water filter can get dirty and blocked. This occurs when the product is used frequently.

If the water filter becomes dirty, it can lead to water supply cutoffs and you may experience no water coming out of your product.

It is recommended to clean the water filter after every use.

When connecting to the water supply, make sure to follow each step to reduce the risk of debris from the garden hose accumulating in the water filter. This may lead to blockage and potential damage to the product.

How to clean a water filter on a high-pressure washer

WARNING: Turn the power switch to the OFF (0) position and disconnect the power plug from the power source before carrying out any maintenance on the product.

  1. Remove the coupling on the front of your high-pressure washer.
  2. Using a pair of pliers, pull the water filter out of the product.
  3. Tap out any dirt from the filter and run it under a tap to rinse it clean.
  4. Place the filter back inside your high-pressure washer and screw the connector back on.
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