WDC 325L

Nothing escapes the new Husqvarna wet & dry cleaners

Husqvarna's Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are built to offer the robust performance and durability you need to tackle just about any kind of dirt, dust, spill and debris. Powerful performance, intuitive controls, versatility (not least thanks to the many accessories available), smart storage and easy transport make the machines well prepared for tough everyday cleaning, as well as special applications such as usage with power tools.

The same power. Every time.

All Husqvarna Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are built inside and out to give you an outstanding performance, every time. With a robust design and efficient turbine, your machine will retain its strength and durability - and help you get the job done, again and again.

Vacuum Cleaner WDC 325L

Stable wheels and castors

With large and sturdy wheels, the cleaner sits steadily on the ground. And with 360 castors you get excellent maneuverability in all areas.


The filter has been developed for an extra long lifetime, meaning lower maintenance costs for you. The same filter is used for both wet and dry applications and has a high filtration efficiency.

All included parts, such as the hose, power cord and nozzles, have their own storage spaces on the cleaner. Storage takes up less space with less risk of losing anything.

An additional hose inlet is included at the exhaust air. Connect a suction hose and the machine can be used as a blower to clean narrow spaces, or pilling leaves or other debris.

The lifting handle makes emptying the container super easy. Simply disconnect the top, and dispose of the contents.

Parts and accessories