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Husqvarna Aspire™ Battery Range | With Walt Collins

Explore our new range of smart Husqvarna Aspire™ battery-powered garden tools with TV Host & Home Expert, Walt Collins.

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As featured on Channel 10's Healthy Homes Australia series, Walt Collins visits Sandra and Neil, two retirees who love their small garden, particularly their beloved Mandarin Tree. Discover how the new Husqvarna Aspire™ range of battery powered garden tools assist Sandra and Neil in maintaining their garden.
Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4 | Product Explainer With Walt Collins

In this video, Walt Collins provides an in-depth explanation of the Husqvarna Aspire™ R4 Automower® highlighting its features and benefits.


Smart, space-saving garden tools

Bring your garden dreams to life with the Husqvarna Aspire™ range – a modern collection of smart garden tools and innovative solutions designed for limited storage space.

Compact, extendable and foldable, each tool is equipped with a tailor-made hook for streamlined storage in limited spaces. And, as part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE multi-brand battery system, its 18V battery packs great power and flexibility – one battery shared across 10+ brands for indoor and outdoor tools. The smart features and smart designs integrated into every Aspire™ product make garden work easier and more enjoyable.

Husqvarna Aspire™ solutions

When buying an Aspire™ product, you gain access to the Husqvarna dealer network. Our dealers are trained professionals who can help you with leasing options, robotic mower installation, accessories and spare parts. The Aspire™ range is also part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, meaning one 18V battery can be shared across home and garden tools within 10+ brands.

Battery shelf with P4A logo


Husqvarna is part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE – the leading manufacturers' largest cross-brand 18V battery systems. Enjoy the flexibility of your 18V POWER FOR ALL battery when using it on Aspire™ tools and 10+ brands –  for example, Bosch power tools – for projects around your home and garden. Get more done with one battery – saving time, space, and money while protecting the environment..

Automower® Aspire™ R4 is not part of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE and is powered with a built-in battery.

Aspire runtime chart 2024

How long will the battery last?

We know you expect a powerful battery that consistently powers excellent results. That’s why the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery has been optimised across performance, weight and runtime. Specific runtime is dependent upon which product and battery you own. Review the table for expected runtimes for each product and battery combination. 

Automower® Aspire™ R4 is not part of POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE and is powered with a built-in battery.

Dealer with couple in garden

Service offerings for Aspire™

Want to get the most out of your home garden, hassle-free? The available service offerings ensure that you have the tools you need to make this possible. Our broad network of Husqvarna dealers can assist you with everything from product selection, servicing and Automower® installation. Connect with our dealers and don’t wait another season to begin truly enjoying your outdoor area.

Trimmer head version combo 325iR with parked Rider 200iX​

Take on larger tasks with 36V power

Have tougher tasks to tackle? Take on your most demanding garden and land tasks, as a homeowner or professional, thanks to the pro-level performance and durability of the Husqvarna BLi-X 36V battery ecosystem.