Petrol Power Cutters

Husqvarna K 1270 Rail

400 mm
Blade diameter, max
145 mm
Cutting depth, max
5,8 kW
Output power

Product variant


K 1270 Rail

Cutting a rail track takes power, precision and speed. The K 1270 Rail is the market's most powerful cutter, customised for railways, tram tracks and metro systems. It cuts fast and straight, the attachment mounts quickly to the rail and the double attachment mountings means you can cut from any direction.

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POWER CUTTER K 1270 Rail 16" | 1" | RA10

Art no: 967 98 23‑01

POWER CUTTER K 1270 Rail 16" | 1" | RA10
Art no: 967 98 23‑01
POWER CUTTER K 1270 Rail 16" | 1" | RA10S
Art no: 967 98 24‑01
Output power
5,8 kW5,8 kW
Cylinder displacement118,8 cm³118,8 cm³
Electrode gap0,5 mm0,5 mm
Number of strokes2-stroke engine2-stroke engine
Cutting deck
Cutting depth, max145 mm145 mm
Exhaust emissions (CO₂ EU V)
726 g/kWh726 g/kWh
Cutting System
Blade diameter, max400 mm400 mm
Arbor diameter25,4 mm25,4 mm
Blade thickness, max5 mm5 mm
Peripheral speed, max90 m/s90 m/s
Product size length771 mm771 mm
Product size width241 mm241 mm
Product size height476 mm476 mm
Weight (complete product w/o side packed articles)16 kg16 kg
Sound and noise
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)117 dB(A)117 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear104 dB(A)104 dB(A)
Vibrations left/front handle4,4 m/s²4,4 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle3,9 m/s²3,9 m/s²
Owner support
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