Husqvarna Rake - ARRK5125Xv1


Produkta apraksts

A powerful steel spring rake, used together with gravel harrow for leveling gravel and collecting weeds. The control for the electric lifting and lowering of the rake is located on the control panel at the operator's seat. Electric control requires that the front mower has been equipped with 'Power outlet kit, Rear'.
Bracket must be added for installation on the Front mower.

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Grābeklis P524 2023-

Produkta nr. 536 90 31‑01

Produkta dati
Grābeklis P524 2023-
Produkta nr. 536 90 31‑01
Piedziņas sistēmaElectric
Nažu skaits28
Svars22 kg
Darbības platums125 cm