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How to maintain a chainsaw guide bar

When carrying out maintenance on your chainsaw you should also check the chainsaw bar to see if it needs maintenance or to be replaced.

Follow these steps to maintain the chainsaw guide bar

  1. Loosen the tightening screw, remove the clutch cover, push the bar in and then remove the chain.
  2. Use a screwdriver to clean the guide bar groove.
  3. Clean the chain oil lubrication hole.
  4. Control that the nose wheel is not loose. If it is loose, the bar must be changed.
  5. Check if there are any nicks in the bar.
  6. Remove nicks with a flat file.
  7. Check the tip of the bar for wear and tear. If it’s only worn on one side, you can turn the bar around. If both sides of the bar are worn down, the bar should be changed for a new one.
  8. Check wear and tear on the guide bar groove by wiggling the chain. If it wobbles, the bar must be changed.