Chainsaw Bars

X-Force Laminated bar 3/8"mini 1.3mm Small bar mount


Product variant

Fits to model
AUTOMOWER® 310 med installationsmaterial
Automower® 450X
Automower® 305
Automower® 310 Mark II
Automower® 310E NERA
Automower® 315 Mark II
AUTOMOWER® 315X med installationsservice
Automower® 320 NERA
Automower® 405X
Automower® 410XE NERA
Automower® 415X
AUTOMOWER® 430X med installationsservice
Automower® 430X NERA
Automower® 435X AWD
Automower® 440
Automower® 450X NERA
Automower® 450X NERA med Husqvarna EPOS™
Automower® 305 med installationskit
Automower® 310 Mark II med installationskit
Automower® 315 Mark II med installationskit
Art no:
Automower Wheel Cleaner
Automower® hjulskrapa, passar Automower® (ej Aspire R4)
Färgkod Grå, Orange
Art no: 546 26 00‑01
Laminated lightweight
Bar type
Sprocket nose
Nose type
Bar mount type
What's included
X-Force Laminated bar 3/8"mini 1.3mm Small bar mount - 582 20 74‑45


  • Bar length (inch)
    12 in
  • Nose type
    Sprocket nose

X-Force 3/8"mini 1.3mm SM

More durability, less weight and superior performance – the Husqvarna X-Force guide bars have been developed together with the X-Cut chains to get the best possible performance out of your Husqvarna chainsaw. The nose with 9-teeth sprocket and 4 rivets, and the bearing system with supporting shields and 21 bearings makes the durability as high as possible. Smooth, optimized profile and cutouts in the centre plate inside improves the efficiency and reduces the weight, without losing rigidity or performance. Improved lubrication and optimized welding for improved stiffness also help provide minimum downtime and maximum results.
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12" 3/8"mini 1,1 SM

Art no: 582 20 74‑45

Product Data
12" 3/8"mini 1,1 SM
Art no: 582 20 74‑45
14" 3/8" mini 1,1 SM
Art no: 582 20 74‑52
14" 3/8"mini 1,3 SM
Art no: 582 20 76‑52
Bar length (inch)12 in14 in14 in
Bar length30 cm35 cm35 cm
Pitch3/8" mini3/8" mini3/8" mini
Gauge1.1 mm1.1 mm1.3 mm
Bar typeLaminated lightweightLaminated lightweightLaminated lightweight
Nose typeSprocket noseSprocket noseSprocket nose
Bar mount typeHSMHSMHSM
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