Understanding Mowing Profiles in Husqvarna Automower® installations

Mowing Profiles are a feature in the Automower® Connect app that allows you to create and manage different configuration profiles and settings in Husqvarna Automower® installations. This is especially useful when using a single robotic lawn mower in multiple locations or when different settings are required within a single installation.

Models supporting Mowing Profiles in the Automower® Connect app

Mowing profiles can be managed through the Automower® Connect app for specific models such as Husqvarna Automower® 405X, 415X, 435X AWD, and all Husqvarna Automower® NERA models.

What does a Mowing Profile include?

A mowing profile includes various settings such as mower configurations, map objects and their respective settings. You can create several profiles for a single installation or create different installations, each with unique profiles.

How many Mowing Profiles can you create?

The Automower® Connect app allows the creation of up to 10 mowing profiles.

Accessing Mowing Profiles in the Automower® Connect App

  1. Open the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Manage Profiles.
  3. To create a new profile, click on the Plus symbol on the top right.
  4. Easily switch between profiles as desired.

Mowing Profiles in an EPOS™ virtual boundary installation

For Automower® NERA models equipped with EPOS™ technology, mowing profiles can be created for both EPOS™ virtual boundary installations and wire boundary setups. This flexibility allows you to switch between virtual and wire installations without the need to redefine the settings each time.

Mowing Profiles for different locations

Regardless of whether you have a boundary wire installation or an EPOS™ virtual boundary installation, a charging station is required at each location. If you install your Automower® NERA robotic lawn mower equipped with an EPOS™ kit in two or more different locations, a reference station will also be needed at each location.

For more detailed information about installations for different locations, refer to the article Can I use my Automower® robotic lawn mower at two different locations?.

For personalised assistance with your robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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