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Garden tractor is hard to start

There may be many instances when your Husqvarna garden mower is hard to start. The reasons for this can vary, depending on the type of your product or the state of the battery as well as the fuel.

Charge the battery

Check the battery in your garden tractor.

If the product is not used for a prolonged period of time, the battery in your garden tractor can lose power.

Charge the battery if it is too weak to start the engine.

Charging on the starter solenoid

  1. Connect the positive (+) charging cable to the positive (+) terminal (A) on the starter solenoid.
  2. Connect the negative (-) charging cable to the negative (-) connection point (B). CAUTION: Do not use a booster charger or start booster. That will cause damage to the electrical system of the product.
  3. Always disconnect the charger before starting the engine.

Charging the battery

NOTE: Depending on your garden tractor model, the location of the battery may vary.

Charge the battery using a standard battery charger.

Refill the tank with fresh fuel

Refill the fuel tank of your product to the bottom of the filler neck. Do not overfill.

Always use fresh, clean, regular fuel with a minimum of 87 octanes.

Do not mix oil with fuel. Purchase fuel in quantities that can be used within 30 days to ensure fuel freshness.

WARNING: Wipe off any spilled fuel. Do not use, store or spill fuel near an open flame.

Clean the air filter

A clogged air filter can cause debris to be sucked into the engine.

The engine does not get enough air if the air filter is clogged.

How to clean an air filter

Replace the fuel filter

The fuel filter on your garden tractor should be changed once each season.

If the fuel filter becomes clogged, replace it.

How to replace a fuel filter

Replace the spark plug

If the spark plug in your garden tractor is dirty or damaged, the product will be hard to start.

Replace a spark plug on your garden tractor

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