A range ready for any challenge

The Husqvarna BLi-X 36V Battery System is an ideal choice for any business. Since the batteries fit all machines, should your business grow, it’s easy to scale up your fleet. The machines are robust and reliable and provide ample power and performance to take on the toughest of tasks. And thanks to low noise and vibration levels, and the absence of exhausts, they’re kind to both the user and the environment.

525iRXT Brushcutter, Battery
A system up for all tasks
All batteries fit all products, making BLi-X a truly multipurpose system. The range of machines is developed to cover any needs and cope with all types of tasks, with the possibility to easily monitor the entire fleet through the intuitive fleet management system.
BLi-X Battery System PRO, Integrated battery
Increased flexibility
Battery equipment for all needs with the performance required for the task at hand. Choose between different charging solutions and the optimal way to carry the battery – in the machine, on the belt, or on your back.
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Hassle-free operation
Cordless equals no fuss. The BLi-X system’s machines are designed to be easy to use, intuitive, as well as robust to withstand long hours of demanding usage. Moreover, the ergonomic design provides optimised balance for long work hours.

More benefits with BLi-X

From the ground’s green spaces to the treetops

PRO Battery Range, Blower 550iBTX
Commercial landscaping made better
The Husqvarna BLi-X 36V Battery System offers purposeful tools to take on just about any commercial landscaping task. Flexible hedge trimmers, powerful leaf blowers, high-performance brushcutters, smart walk-behind mowers or power cutters – all you need for a better workday.
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Campaign image - Jo sawing big log up in tree
Improving arborist and tree care excellence
Husqvarna’s battery-powered chainsaws – on par with petrol-powered machines – will add much needed power and performance for all kinds of tree care work. No matter if it’s on the ground or in the treetops, the range of top-handle and rear-handle saws will be a pleasure to work with.
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Flexible Husqvarna BLi-X Battery System

How much can you save by switching to battery?

Changing your power source, from petrol to battery, has the potential to have a positive impact on your bottom line. When taking the cost of petrol as compared to the cost of charging your battery equipment into account, you will quickly retrieve the cost of investing in battery equipment. Below you can see an example of a landscaping team of three people working for two years with a typical range of comparable equipment.* The differences are easy to appreciate as is the potential savings for the entire business.

*The comparisons are based on daily and typical, professional use, with seasons ranging from 50 to 150 days. Fuel costs are based on alkylate petrol (2.3 € / L) or electricity (0.10 € / kWh). Other costs, such as service and repairs, are not included.

Battery Chainsaw 540i XP rear handle thinning forest

How long will the battery last?

The runtime of a fully charged battery depends on the battery's capacity, the type of machine, and the work being performed. The guide shows the runtime for different work situations, and battery charging times.

Husqvarna BLi-X 36V Battery Products

Whatever the need, we can offer a dedicated, battery-powered machine up for the challenge. The powerful electric motors provide an impressive output, with full torque from zero rpm, while the heavy-duty design and active cooling allow you to work uninterrupted in any weather.

Husqvarna BLi-X 36V Battery Parts & Accessories

From a broad range of charging solutions, via user-centric belts and backpacks, to battery boxes for safe and easy transportation, we’ve got all your needs and requirements covered.


The robust, heavy-duty battery-powered machines and the durable batteries are further supplemented by our range of services. From the intelligent fleet management system, Husqvarna Fleet Services™ to beneficial service solutions, we’ll help keep your business operational and productive.