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Battery equals less maintenance and a smoother workday

Daily engine maintenance is one of those time-consuming things that has the potential to disrupt your labour. With battery-powered products, that hassle is greatly reduced.

“Battery products need much less maintenance and service”, says David Holmstedt, Global Product Specialist at Husqvarna. “The fact that there are fewer moving parts, when compared to a combustion engine, minimises the risks of mechanical failure.”

Reliable performance

The battery machines’ brushless motor is, in fact, durable and reliable enough for it to be labelled as “virtually maintenance-free”, no matter what application it is powering. The operational reliability is therefore greatly improved, and the risk of unexpected downtime is reduced.

PRO Battery products, Low maintenance

Less daily maintenance

“Apart from the electric motor, there are usually no more than three or four components that can malfunction”, says Johan Svennung, Global Product Specialist at Husqvarna. “This means that you can work uninterrupted for longer periods of time, feeling secure in the knowledge that the machine will keep running, without issues.”

So, are battery machines “maintenance-free” for real? Yes and no. Using Husqvarna BLi-X 36V battery system products, mean that you eliminate the need of daily maintenance such as cleaning the cooling fins of the cylinder, and the filters or spark plugs, but they still require some care. However, the service needs are reduced, and the responsibility transferred – from the operator to the service crew.