Battery combitrimmer 325iLK
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All in One Multi-Purpose Combi Trimmer - Introducing the 325iLK

Taking care of lawns and landscaped grounds can be tough work. Waiting for seasons to shift, the weather to be on-side and carrying a whole bunch of different tools can be a pain. In a perfect world, the weather would always be just right and you'd have a magic tool that pretty much changes to take care of all of your needs at the touch of a switch. While we can't give you glorious sunshine 365 days a year, we can give you the Husqvarna 325iLK Battery Powered Combi Trimmer. This is as close to an all-in-one combi tool as you'll get, made with maximum convenience in mind. This is one battery-powered machine that can be used as a blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw, edger, cultivator, dethatcher and sweeper!

One tool for all your garden work

Buying different tools for different landscaping tasks can not only be expensive, but time-consuming too. With so many options available, it can be tough knowing what's what, leaving you scratching your head in confusion. 

The 325iLK simplifies everything. One tool, multiple uses. Whether you're a homeowner with limited storage space or a professional-looking at reducing the number of tools you need to carry, this is the one you've been waiting for.

Just a few things you can do with the 325iLK:

  • Take care of long grass in hard to reach areas and along fencing paths and decking.
  • Tackle dense and thick foliage.
  • Clear leaves and organic matter from lawns, drives and paths.
  • Get perfectly straight edges on all types of common lawns, hedges and shrubs.
  • Quickly and easily take care of tall hedges with a variety of cutting angles.
  • Lop off high tree branches while keeping your feet on the ground.
  • Get rid of built-up thatch from your lawn for improved irrigation and airflow.
  • Turn, mix and break up compressed soil for improved plant growth.
  • Forget about manual sweeping. Zip across paths, patios and drives in minutes.
Battery combitrimmer 325iLK

Compatible with petrol attachments

We've already run through all of the different ways you can use the Husqvarna 325iLK. But what we didn't mention is that it is compatible with more than 10 different attachments. Better yet, it works with current Husqvarna petrol attachments, letting you use one tool for every job.

  • Trimmer attachment
  • Edger attachment
  • Blower attachment
  • Cultivator attachment
  • Pole saw attachments
  • Hedge trimmer attachment
  • Brush attachment
  • Dethatcher attachment
  • Sweeper attachment
  • Reciprocator attachment

Being able to have one main unit and a variety of compatible attachments saves plenty of space during storage. Simply choose which ones you need to use and switch them over as and when needed. Less time, space and effort wasted with more productivity, flexibility and convenience.

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK

Quiet operation with powerful output

82 dB(A) sound pressure level at the operator’s ear translates to a quieter than average garden power tool. To put it into perspective, it's noise output is equivalent to the average home dishwasher.

This completely cordless tool is as powerful as it is versatile. With a battery output on par with a 25cc petrol engine, you know it will get the job done. Being cordless and petrol free, power comes in three different ways- internal battery, backpack battery, or battery belt.

The cable-free operation gives you maximum manoeuvrability and reach around all garden and yard obstacles. Battery power offers a quieter way to work outdoors without the fumes, pollution, excessive noise and vibrations.

Other additions to this combi trimmer include a rear-mounted motor which balances the weight for a less tiresome experience. The interface comes with an easily visible battery status so you know when it's time to charge, and savE mode lets you work longer with each use. 

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK: Easy start

Professional quality for the home owner

While designed with the homeowner in mind, the Husqvarna 325iLK is on par with our professional range of landscaping tools. So much more than just a grass trimmer, it quickly and easily converts into a lawn edger, a leaf blower, a hedge trimmer, a pole saw, a mini-tiller, a handheld lawn dethatcher, an automatic garden brush and much more.

Simplicity doesn't have to mean a lack of versatility, and this brand new addition goes a long way to proving it. The front handle is adjustable, letting you choose the most comfortable position for you for improved work output. When looking at the unit itself, it comes supplied with a trimmer attachment. You get all of the power you need to keep your garden perfectly manicured and enjoy uninterrupted work without needing 10 different machines.

Connecting this to the battery backpack makes it the ideal companion for landscape gardeners and professionals looking to transport fewer tools. This can be hugely beneficial, especially when working away from main areas, power supplies or in challenging terrains. Needing fewer landscaping tools means less load to carry, fewer upfront costs and peace of mind that you have everything you need for the task at hand.

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK

Ready to go, come rain or shine

Battery-powered tools are able to take on all types of weather conditions. From arid and dry to lush and damp, power is guaranteed. 

A complaint many people have when working with petrol-powered machines is heat output. When the temperature starts to soar, energy to power the motor not only pumps out unpleasant fumes but also packs a powerful punch of heat. Battery operated machines are designed to be more efficient, with modern technology keeping things cooler and fume-free.

Discover the power of the freshest, most versatile landscaping and gardening tool around with the Husqvarna Battery Powered Combi Trimmer. Once you make the switch, you'll never look back. Get yours today by ordering online and collecting in-store with Husqvarna Click n Collect or contact your local dealer for more.

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK