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Must-have garden equipment and landscape maintenance tools for professionals

Discover the best landscape maintenance tools you need to improve productivity and output without investing additional manpower and energy.

Running a successful landscaping business takes knowledge, skill, experience and a fairly substantial amount of equipment. Investing in high-quality tools will save you money down the track, not to mention help you provide top quality service to your clients from the get-go.

While it takes time and money to build up a full arsenal of equipment, there are some key tools that are a great place to start - especially if you’re new to the industry and running your own business.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking to upgrade your current equipment, we’ve put together a list of must-have landscaping and garden tools that will help you deliver quality lawn care with a professional finish, time after time.

How to choose the best lawn mower

The backbone of every landscape maintenance or lawn-care business is the lawn mower. On average, in Australia a contractor will mow 12 residential lawns a day, so it’s worth investing in a high-quality lawn mower.

Those who mow more than six average-sized lawns a day, will find the investment in a self-propelled mower such as the  LB 553s e can speed up cutting times while reducing stress and fatigue on your arms and legs. Offering versatile and durable power and control while being easy to transport, it’s a great option for any size landscape maintenance business.

For larger operations, such as those who maintain greenspace zones, parks and hotel grounds, something that improves speed and output is a good idea. If limited with transportation space, a compact stand-on mower offers the best of a walk-behind and stand-on mower designed to cover larger spaces. The Husqvarna V548 features a heavy-duty deck, flip-up platform, optimised weight-distribution and can cover 3.7 acres/hr.

View the full range today to discover the perfect fit for your landscaping business.

Automate Lawn Care with a Robotic Mower

In any landscaping maintenance business, time is money - and the more time you have, the more jobs get done. So what if there was a way for you to mow lawns, without actually having to lift a finger?

Since 1995, when Husqvarna first launched the Automower®; technology has reached a point where there are some huge commercial gains to be had. Robotic mowers allow you to unlock hours of free time to focus on more profitable tasks at hand, while they keep grass perfectly trimmed with a carpet-like finish.

From small yet complicated lawns to large green spaces used by the public, robotic mowers like the Husqvarna Automower® are a landscaper's best friend. The Automower® 550 is able to take care of lawns up to 5000 m2, with a mow time of 4 ½ hours on one charge. Need to cover larger areas? Several Automowers® can be installed to work in harmony - using the latest technology to get the job done.

Not sure which Automower® is the right choice for you?

Automower 550 football field

Take Care of Edges with a Grass Trimmer

Every landscaper and lawn care professional knows that a professional finish is best framed by crisp, clean and manicured edges. A grass trimmer is a staple when it comes to must-have landscaping tools. Able to reach behind benches, along paths and around ornaments; taking care of long grass is easy.

There will always be times when it’s not possible to move objects on the lawn or get a close enough cut around trees and shrubs. Flower beds and border fences can also get in the way of a good cut - which is where the 525LST Grass Trimmer truly excels. Designed for professional use, it features intuitive controls, auto return stop switch,, and improved fuel efficiency thanks to the X-Torq® engine.

Check out the full range of Husqvarna Grass Trimmers and cut back on wasted time and energy when it comes to the borders.

Ground Clearance and Leaf Clearing Blowers

Spring and summer are all about keeping on top of explosive growth - and for the most part, you won’t be needing to do much leaf litter clean-up apart from clearing lawn cuttings off paths for a pro finish. But as soon as autumn rolls around, many deciduous trees and shrubs will shed their leaves with a vengeance. Keeping on top of lawn, hedge and plant health can be tough when leaves cover the ground. Instead of manually raking up leaves, a leaf blower can cut time spent on clean-up to a fraction of what you’re used to. 

The Husqvarna 525iB Battery Blower is powerful, long-lasting and quieter than petrol blower equivalents. There is no need to mix fuel and oil. Vibrations are reduced and zero direct emissions make for healthier working conditions. A blower isn’t just for autumn though. It can be a useful tool for cleaning up dried leaves and kindling in fire-prone areas, blasting gutters clean and blowing unwanted dust and sand off of paths and drives.

Pruning and Trimming with a Hedge Trimmer

While pushing a lawnmower around for hours can be draining on the legs - a hedge trimmer can quickly exhaust your arms and core, leading to backache, pain and fatigue. Of course, Husqvarna.

Hedge Trimmers are designed with the professional in mind - ensuring your work is as comfortable and productive as possible.

If you are looking for maximum flexibility and reach, then the Husqvarna Battery Hedge Trimmer 520iHT4 is the ultimate landscaper's best friend. With a reach of up to 4.5m, cutting speed of 4000 cuts per minute and a 55cm knife - no hedge is too large or small. Whether you are trimming low, flat hedges or tall, thin ones - enjoy zero direct emissions, quiet operation and low vibration levels perfect for noise-sensitive environments. 

For those who are looking for something a little more traditional and standard, the 520iHD60 combines the raw cutting power of a petrol hedge trimmer, concealed within a battery-powered tool. Created specifically for professional use, this lightweight, quiet and low-vibration hedge trimmer has zero direct emissions and can take on the largest of hedges with ease.

Battery hedgetrimmer 536LiHD70X

Personal protective equipment

PPE is vital when it comes to running a successful landscaping business. Protecting yourself and your team from accidents and injury ensures productivity stays high and your team stays happy.

It can be cumbersome to have to kit up in the heat of the day, especially when using heavy tools. Good PPE should be designed to keep you as cool and comfortable as possible - without sacrificing on quality and effectiveness. The absolute basics every landscaper and greenspace business should have include:

  • Gloves - Your hands are your money earners, so keeping them free from cuts and infections is important. The Husqvarna Functional Gloves  give your hands maximum maneuverability and breathability while keeping them well protected.
  • Boots - Protective boots not only keep your feet dry, but they also protect them from spinning blades, knives and heavy objects. Our Technical Protect Boots are great for all-year-round use. Our Protective Leather Boots with Saw Protection provide maximum protection, no matter the situation.
  • Hearing protection - while our battery-series tools are quieter than traditional petrol-powered tools, hearing protection is always a good idea. When using petrol garden tools, hearing protection is a must. Our Premium Earmuffs
  • Eye Protection - To do a great job, you need to be able to see clearly. Flying debris, sawdust and bugs can obstruct your sightlines. Eye protection doesn’t have to be heavy, bulky or uncomfortable, as with the Husqvarna Protective Glasses - Sun X.

View the full range of Husqvarna PPE today and stock up on that all-important safety protection.

Landscaping tools made for professionals

For expert advice on choosing the best landscape maintenance tools for your green space business, drop into your local Husqvarna dealer to discuss your needs. With a wide range of professional mowers, trimmers, blowers, saws and more, you can count on Husqvarna to grow your business the right way.