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How to replace and clean the air filter in a Husqvarna chainsaw

The air filter prevents dirt from getting into your Husqvarna chainsaw. A dirty or broken filter can shorten its service life. We have three types of air filters: standard – for normal conditions, winter – for temperatures around freezing point and below, and felt – for dusty and dry conditions.

Follow this easy guide to clean, or change, your air filter

  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the three latches on the cylinder cover of the chainsaw
  2. Remove the cylinder cover
  3. Use the screwdriver to lift and release the metal latch that holds the air filter in place
  4. Check the air filter for dirt and damage
  5. Open the air filter by carefully putting the screwdriver between the upper and lower part and separating them
  6. If the air filter is broken or very dirty, you should replace it
  7. Clean the air filter using a clean brush, or wash it in soap and water
  8. Put the air filter back together again, and ensure it is placed correctly in the chainsaw before putting the cylinder cover back on

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