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Husqvarna Automower® virtual boundary installation guide

Maximise your mower's potential by ensuring a correct installation in your garden. Here is our easy to follow, step by step guide and instructional video to help you install your robotic lawn mower without boundary wires.

Video guide

An easy video guide on how to install a Husqvarna robotic lawn mower with wire-free Husqvarna EPOS™ Technology. Click here for boundary wire installation support.

Before you start

Before starting the installation of your Automower® NERA mower with the EPOS Plug-in Kit, ensure you have everything you need:

- Automower® NERA robotic mower, power supply & charging station

- EPOS Plug-in accessory, reference station & power supply

- Electricity point available for charging station & reference station

Step 1. Download the Automower® Connect app

Download the Automower® Connect app from AppStore or GooglePlay. Once downloaded, sign up and create a Husqvarna account. Log in to your Husqvarna account in the app and then select your mower.

Step 2. Pair the mower with the app

Turn your mower on and follow the instructions in the app. Note: If your mower has low battery then complete this after step 4

Step 3. Charge the mower

Plug in the charging station, then place the mower in it and turn on to charge. You will be able to see in the app that the mower is charging.

Step 4. Set up the reference station

Locate the best place for the reference station, this is weatherproof so can be left outside all year round. It is important that the reference station stays in a fixed position once the virtual boundaries are created, so a flagpole is not advised. For optimal coverage the reference station needs to see the same satellite as the mower does. The mower does not require to be in line of sight with the reference station to be able to mow. Once you have located the best placement, mount the reference station and connect it to a power outlet. When you see a steady green light your reference station is ready to pair to your mower. Follow the EPOS setup support in Automower® Connect app to pair the charging station and reference station with your mower.

BWF installation reference station

Step 5. Place the charging station

Locate the best place for the charging station. This needs to be placed with an open area in front of the charging station so it can not be placed under trees or a roof. Check the video above for further information. Connect the power supply’s low voltage cable to the charging station and the power supply, then connect the power supply to a 100-240 V wall socket.

BWF installation charging station
BWF installation charging station

Step 6. Create the virtual boundaries

  1. Go into the app and let your mower find a docking point in front of the charging station. The app will offer guidance in the set up of your installation.
  2. Before creating the boundaries, check in the app where the reference point is on the mower as this will help optimise the placement of the virtual boundaries during the installation. The boundaries should not be placed close to trees with a crown wider than 4 m (13.1 ft). Satellite coverage will change during the year as the trees lose their leaves or grow.
  3. To create the virtual boundaries use the appdrive feature in the app to remote steer the mower clockwise around the lawn. As you drive the mower, drop points in the app at corners or turns to create the boundary. Once you have created the boundary you can edit the points in the map view of the app.
  4. For personalised zone management you can create stay-out zones to prevent the mower from going in certain areas. These can be created in the map section of the app, by selecting 'Add stay-out zone'. You then remote steer the mower anti-clockwise around the area to create a stay-out zone.
  5. If your charging station is placed in an area outside your work area you can create a transport path to guide the mower from a work area to the charging station's docking point. These can be created in the map section of the app by selecting 'Add transport path'. Ensure that the starting point of the transport path is well within the work area.
BWF installation virtual installation AMC

Step 7. Set a schedule in the app and start mowing

Now you are ready to start mowing your lawn. The app will provide additional tips and information to help you optimise your mower, saving you time and helping you achieve the perfect lawn 24/7.

Automower 305/310 Mark II/315 Mark II with AMC screenshot schedule
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