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Grass Trimmers And Perfect Lawn Edges | Lawn Care Made Simple

When it comes to lawn edging, everyone has their own go-to for getting the best results. Though grass trimmers aren't always considered the best tool for the job, it is entirely possible to achieve some good results with a grass trimmer, whether as the main tool or one that compliments your lawn edger.

Combi trimmers are ideal for taking care of lawn edges, offering a variety of different attachments. In effect, they are the swiss army knife of garden power tools.

Grass Trimmer Vs Lawn Edger

While the two names are often used interchangeably, both serve pretty different purposes. In the simplest terms, a lawn edger is a tool used for creating boundary lines and cutting edges - while a grass trimmer is used to maintain those boundaries and borders. Both machines work hand in hand to create crisp and clean edges, but can a grass trimmer be used as a lawn edger and vice versa?

The short answer is yes. Lawn edging is entirely possible with a grass trimmer.

Types Of Trimmer

Over the past few years, trimmer technology has evolved. Li-ion battery power has enabled grass trimmers to have the same power and precision as their petrol counterparts, with models for both homeowners and professional greenspace businesses.

Combi Trimmers

Combi trimmers bring the power of multiple tools into one sleek chassis. As an example, the 129LK Combi Trimmer can be used as a grass trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, blower and sweeper. The Reciprocator Attachment is designed for taking care of grass edges along gravel paths, patios, decks and drives. The 27cc engine, Smart Start®, and the option to change its use by simply switching the attachments.

The 535LK offers the same flexibility and ability to switch out accessories, along with a high-powered X-Torq® engine, soft-grip handles and anti-vibration technology. The Battery-Powered 325iLK again provides the same capabilities as its petrol counterparts, with the added benefit of quieter operation, fewer vibrations and zero direct exhaust emissions.

Battery & Electric Trimmers

Battery-powered tools are quieter, cleaner and super-efficient when taking care of your lawn. The 520iLX is a lightweight, high-performance grass trimmer aimed toward the professional market. With dual direction trimming, IPX4 weatherproofing, brushless motor, low noise and vibration output - it makes fast work of tired edges. 

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK

The 115iL is a cordless grass trimmer perfect for lawn edges, trimming and tall grass. The telescopic shaft lets the user achieve the most comfortable height and position when edging. Tap 'N Go™, savETM, an adjustable front handle, and the option to switch out trimmer heads with ease makes this a great homeowner's choice.

Types Of Trimmer Heads

  • The Husqvarna Universal Tap 'N Go™ features a semi-automatic trimmer line feed system, simplifying line feed when on the job.
  • Made for working in stony/rocky areas with dense, fibrous grass, the Husqvarna Tri-Cut Trimmer Head is perfect for tidying up lawn edges where the lawn meets path, patio and planter.

Choosing the best type of trimmer line for your grass trimmer is also important.

  • The pentagon cut of the Trimmer Line Core Cut provides professional-grade strength and durability for cleaner cuts.

Lawn Edging Pre-Preparation,

A little bit of pre-edging prep goes a long way to achieving perfect lawn edges. For the purpose of this article, we'll assume you already have an established lawn with an edge and aren't laying new turf.

  • Begin by mowing the lawn, taking it right up to the outer edges and as far into any corners as you can.
  • Rake away any loose grass clippings and remove any stones, branches, rocks or other hard objects from the area.
  • If your mower can't reach right to the edge of your lawn, take your grass trimmer and reduce the grass height in line with the rest of the lawn.
  • Locate any edging strips that have been previously placed, checking for any damage or missing strips.
Automower 440 + Grass trimmer 136LiL

Quick Edging

Now you're ready to get on with edging your lawn, you'll see why the preparation step was key. As you'll be turning the grass trimmer on its side, thus increasing the risk of face-bound flying debris bypassing the guard, clearing the area first reduces this risk. Because of this, you'll also want the trimmer rotation to be moving away from you, not towards you. But don't forget to put on your protective eyewear.

  1. Begin by rotating your grass trimmer so that the trimmer head is at approximately a 90-degrees angle. To help reach the correct angle, the back end of the grass trimmer needs to be raised.
  2.  Instead of holding the trimmer handle in front of you in your hand, wrap your hand firmly around the shaft and rest it by your shoulder. Your other hand is holding the lower shaft area and guiding it along the edge.
  3. If you find shoulder mounting challenging, you could hold as if you were weed whacking, but this reduces precision.
  4. Start to make your way along the edge of the lawn, taking it nice and slowly. Avoid moving too quickly, as this could destroy your edging. Slow and steady is always the best way to go.
  5. If you're using the shoulder mount technique, a decent pair of noise-canceling headphones or ear protection are highly recommended.

Get Your Own Perfect Lawn

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