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Garden battery power with Husqvarna

Taking care of your garden is made much easier when you use your trusty garden tools. They're able to whip, snip, and trim your outdoor spaces into shape in no time at all for a beautifully aesthetic finish. But for many, quick garden maintenance comes at a cost. Distance-limiting cables, loud motors, and noxious exhaust fumes all contribute to making your garden tasks more of a chore and less of a treat. With the Husqvarna battery-series garden tools, you can say goodbye to mixing petrol and oil. Less noise pollution and zero exhaust fumes will please the environment and your neighbours. Cable-free battery convenience gives you maximum manoeuvrability to reach every inch of your garden. Not sure which garden tools come with battery power? Here are some of the benefits and the best to use for always-on power.

Benefits of Cordless Battery Powered Tools

The benefits of battery-powered tools goes much further than just being better for the environment. In this section, we will take a closer look at all of the different ways that battery chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and garden trimmers can benefit you.

  • Husqvarna battery-series tools are lighter and easier to handle than conventional petrol-powered garden tools.
  • A greener, cleaner way to maintain your garden. In just one hour, a petrol lawn mower can emit as much pollution as a car driving a distance of 150 km. Battery-powered lawn mowers are emission-free.
  • Electric garden tools are much easier to start and stop than petrol-powered ones. They also require less maintenance than conventional tools.
  • Battery-powered tools provide the same ongoing power and results as their petrol-powered equivalents.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries have an exceptional lifespan and are easy to charge and maintain.
  • No cables equals more freedom to be able to maintain your garden without any restrictions.
  • Battery-powered motors are much quieter than conventional petrol motors making them perfect to use in built-up residential areas.
  • The Husqvarna battery series uses a universal battery system that is interchangeable with most Husqvarna tools.
Husqvarna Battery Lawn Mower 300 series in garden

Battery Lawn Mowers

Weighing in at just 26 kg, the Husqvarna LC 347iVX is an ergonomically-designed battery-powered lawn mower. With dual battery slots, you can increase power cutting times with just one touch. Unlike traditional petrol-powered lawn mowers, the LC 347iVX creates no direct emissions and offers smoke-free, cable-free operation.

Maintenance and more efficient servicing is made easy with Bluetooth connectivity. Connect your mower and Bluetooth device to get all of the information and product data you need. Self-propelled mowing makes taking care of medium and large lawns a more enjoyable task, while the intuitive keypad lets you start and stop your mower with ease.

The 47-centimetre cutting width and easy height adjustment will trim your lawn to perfection in no time at all. With a forward speed of between 3 and 4.5 kilometres an hour, you can quickly and quietly mow your lawn with less noise and vibrations.

Another great option is the Husqvarna LC 141i, a more compact battery-powered mower. With a 41-centimetre cutting width and many of the same smart features as the LC 347iVX, it offers an immaculate finish with reduced noise, pollution and vibrations.

Brushcutting and Trimmer Clothes, Technical, High-Viz

Battery Brushcutters

Taking care of brush and dense vegetation is made easy with the Husqvarna 520iRX. This bullhorn brushcutter offers high-performance output perfect for contractors, landscapers and large areas of scrub. Weighing in at just 3.8 kg (excluding battery), it comes with two different power modes. For an improved cutting time, switch on the savE mode or stick with the normal mode for smaller areas.

The brushless motor provides 25% more efficiency than a traditional brushed motor, making it perfect for cutting through thick or wet vegetation.

Quiet operation and zero direct emissions make clearing areas of brush a breeze. The Tap N Go™ line feed system makes feeding the heavy-duty line a cinch. Lastly, the two-way rotation trimmer head and 40 cm cutting width make it a versatile and efficient electric brush cutter.


Battery Grass Trimmers

At just 3.45 kg (excluding battery), the Husqvarna 115iL is a light-weight and powerful battery powered grass trimmer. Quickly and efficiently take care of tall grass and lawn edges with operation so quiet, it won't disturb your neighbours. As this battery grass trimmer is cable-free, you can easily manoeuver around trees, garden furniture and under benches with ease.

A brushless motor helps create a battery grass trimmer with low vibrations and zero direct omissions. With a cutting width of 33 cm and an easily adjustable front handle, it will make quick work of long grass and light vegetation.

Starting and stopping this electric grass trimmer is as simple as tapping a button on the intuitive keypad. When it comes to storage, its compact size makes it the perfect space saver and its light-weight nature make it ideal for comfortable use.

The Husqvarna 520iLX and the Husqvarna 325iLK are the latest additions to the battery grass trimmer range, offering a range of features, including dual direction trimming, brushless motors, battery status display on handle, and much more.

Hedgetrimmer Battery 136LiHD45/115iHD45

Battery Hedge Trimmers

The Husqvarna 115iHd45 is the perfect electric hedge trimmer for the homeowner. Weighing just 4 kg (including battery), it reduces stress and strain on the arms when trimming your hedges. Low noise output levels make it the ideal choice for use in built-up residential areas and the 45 cm long cutting blade makes quick work of the bushiest hedges.

As this electric hedge trimmer is cable-free, you never have to worry about cutting through the cable again. Powering on and off is as easy as tapping on the built-in keypad. The brushless motor offers increased reliability, efficiency, and product life while reducing noise and vibrations.

Able to make 3000 cuts a minute on twigs of up to 25 mm in diameter, the LI-Ion battery can be extended when in use by switching on the savE function. All in all, it offers impressive cutting power without compromising on quality or durability. Enjoy a cleaner, greener way to trim your hedges.

The battery hedge trimmer range also includes the Husqvarna 520iHE3 with a 55-centimetre knife length and the Husqvarna 520iHD60 with a whopping 60-centimetre blade. Ideal choices for professionals and home-owners alike, they offer improved power and performance while retaining silent operation.

525iP5S Battery Pole Pruning Saw

Battery Chainsaws & Pole Saws

Chainsaws are among the noisiest power tools around. But the Husqvarna 120i offers a much quieter and cleaner way to fell small trees and cut modest firewood. In fact, it's so quiet it can be used in residential areas without the neighbours complaining. The 12in bar length and light-weight housing make this electric chainsaw a pleasure to use.

The brushless motor provides impressive power and torque without sacrificing on cutting power. As this battery-powered chainsaw runs on electricity, you no longer have to contend with unpleasant exhaust fumes. And starting it is as easy as pressing a button on the keypad

Choose between two power options, standard and savE. Adjusting chain tension is made easy with the inbuilt tool-free adjustment feature. Keeping the chain and bar in good condition is done via the oil tank, which has an easy to open flip-up cap. When it comes to quickly and quietly taking care of branches, pruning and firewood, you can't go wrong with this model.

For those who need to reach high branches without a ladder, the Husqvarna 530iP4 comes with a 4 metre reach thanks to its telescopic handle. If you need more reach, the Husqvarna 530iPT5 comes with an improved 5 metre reach, making limbing and branch removal from the tallest trees possible.

Leaf Blower 320iB

Battery Leaf Blowers

The Husqvarna 530iBX is a sturdy backpack blower that can blast your garden clean in a matter of minutes. The BLi backpack battery provides maximum power and performance that easily matches that offered by petrol blowers.

This lightweight and ergonomically designed electric blower delivers no matter what the weather is doing. With plenty of in-built smart features, you can adjust and set the blowing speed with the cruise control button. Need an extra blast of air? Boost mode will power you through the densest piles of leaves.

Everything from the advanced motor fan to the intuitive keypad has been designed to create a blowing experience like no other. Best of all, it offers superior quietness and emission-free operation for garden maintenance that everyone can enjoy.

Making Your Mind Up

Battery-powered garden tools are the ideal solution for those looking for a petrol-powered alternative. If you live in a residential area, your neighbours are always going to appreciate less noise pollution.

The great thing about battery power tools is that they provide the same power and performance as their traditional counterparts. Low noise and zero pollution make battery-powered lawn mowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and blowers great for the environment.

The future of garden tools is always changing. Cordless electric power tools give you maximum manoeuvrability and convenience when maintaining your garden.

Find all of the battery-series tools you need at your local authorised Husqvarna dealer.

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