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Introducing Two New Battery Backpack Blowers - 340iBT & 550iBTX

This year, two new Battery Backpack Blowers are making their way into the world, bringing new levels of power, performance and durability to the professional field. Merging advanced technological design and high-performance Li-ion power, they bring additional output and ongoing power to greenspace workers and professional landscapers.

With blow forces of between 17N and 21N, comfortable harnesses, easy to access intuitive keypads and zero direct emissions, they are ideal for use in areas that require low noise levels such as schools, residential neighbourhoods, hospital grounds, hotels and public parks - helping keep things as quiet and comfortable for the operator and those around them.

Not sure which model is best for your needs? Here’s everything you need to know about the Husqvarna 340iBT and the 550iBTX Battery Backpack Blowers.

340iBT - Professional Power & Performance

Featuring not one, but two battery slots, the 340iBT Battery Backpack Blower from Husqvarna is the perfect choice for landscaping professionals who need ongoing power and performance when on the job and away from power outlets. With professional-grade features and an impressive blow force of up to 17N - it has power that’s equivalent to a 40cc petrol blower!

The specially designed backpack harness distributes weight across the back for a more comfortable user experience; especially for repetitive and long-lasting cleaning tasks. Boost mode gives you fast acceleration exactly when you need it most, helping you maximise battery runtime in less demanding situations. 

Another addition greenspace professionals and landscapers will appreciate is the intuitive keypad located on the blower handle. With easy reach and access, you can view the battery's current power levels, engage cruise control, activate boost mode and start and stop your blower with a quick tap. 

As the 340iBT is powered by Li-ion batteries, you can safely get to work in noise-sensitive areas. With reduced noise output, fewer vibrations and zero exhaust emissions, it provides maximum power and maneuverability for everyday garden cleaning tasks. Features of the 340iBT

  • Average airspeed of 178.6 kph
  • Boosted airspeed of 187.2 kph
  • BLDC brushless motor
  • Dual battery slots
  • Intuitive handle keypad
  • Cruise control settings
  • Low noise levels
  • Low vibrations
  • Zero exhaust emissions

The 340iBT is the perfect choice for small landscaping businesses and greenspace professionals in need of reliable power when on the job.  It’s also a great option for homeowners with large gardens, farmland or areas that experience heavy leaf fall each year.

550iBTX - Next Level Power & Performance

The 550iBTX takes power and performance to the next level for landscaping and greenspace professionals. Using either the BLi550X or the BLi950X backpack battery, long-lasting power is guaranteed. Get to work and take care of the most demanding leaf cleanup with a whopping 21N airspeed - more than enough to blast an area clean in seconds.

Choose between continuous airspeed or boost mode, upping the power as and when you need it before dropping back to a cruise speed. View the power levels of the battery in real-time via the intuitive handlebar keypad, helping you better manage your time for the task ahead of you. With an equivalent blow force of a 50cc petrol blower - minus the exhaust emissions, strong vibrations and excessive noise levels - it’s perfect for use in built-up residential areas, hotel grounds, schools and public parks.

Cables on the 550iBTX are concealed beneath a removable sleeve, helping ensure you have maximum maneuverability without catching them on branches, fences and other obstacles. The brushless motor improves blower reliability and product life while reducing noise and vibrations. Experience the superior power provided by advancements in battery technology, perfectly combined with a sleek design and comfort features. Features of the 550iBTX

  • Average airspeed of 194.4 kph
  • Boosted airspeed of 237.5 kph
  • BLDC brushless motor
  • IPX4 weatherproof
  • An intuitive keypad on handle
  • Cruise control settings
  • Hidden sleeve cables
  • Low noise levels 
  • Low vibrations
  • Zero exhaust emissions

The 550iBTX is a fantastic choice for all sizes of landscaping businesses and greenspace professionals. With up to 21N of blow force, the quick and easy cleanup of dense leaf litter is simple. Super comfortable to use over extended periods of time, it increases output while reducing unwanted noise and pollution emissions.

Battery Backpack blower 340iBT

Redefining Battery Power for Professionals

Both the 340iBT and the 550iBTX have been designed with ongoing power in mind. When looking at the 340iBT, dual battery slots give you twice the power as a standard single slot. Boosting runtime, the individual interchangeable batteries and auto-switch function ensure you have all of the power you need to work through the day without interruption.

With the 550iBTX, the large BLi950X battery brings long-lasting power to the forefront. The addition of an ergonomic harness that reduces load ensures that your workday is as comfortable as possible. The high torque to weight ratio brushless motor reduces noise while increasing reliability and efficiency.

The addition of Boost Mode lets you ramp up power and speed when you need it the most, helping you clear dense and large areas of leaves and organic matter in no time at all. Once you’ve cleared the bulk, switch back down to Cruise Mode to get more out of your battery throughout the day.

Get Started With Our Battery Backpack Blowers

If you’re a forward-thinking landscaping business or greenspace professional in need of a blower that gets the job done, then the Husqvarna 340iBT and the 550iBTX both bring a new level of performance to the field.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and performance, each offers exceptional blowing force for quick and easy cleanup with a professional finish.

Ready to make the switch to battery power?