Landowner cutting tree Chainsaw 435i and 340i
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Say Hello To The Husqvarna 340i Battery-Powered Chainsaw

When it comes to designing and manufacturing powerful and versatile chainsaws, Husqvarna leads the way. We combine the power and performance of past successes with ever-evolving modern technology to stay one step ahead of the rest. A prime example of this is the all-new Husqvarna 340i Battery-Powered Chainsaw. Discover the same durability, design, power and precision you’ve come to expect combined with advanced Li-ion power and a brushless motor for maximum output and performance. It’s easy to assume that battery power could never achieve the same raw power as a petrol chainsaw, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. With a combination of power-enhancing features, coupled with an efficient 36V lithium-ion battery and a sleek, easy-to-handle design - power takes centre stage.

Discover the Power of the 340i

Depending on just how much power you need, the 340i Battery-Powered Chainsaw is compatible with a variety of Husqvarna Li-ion batteries. These include the BLi20, BLi200, BLi300, BLi550X Battery Backpack and the BLi950X Battery Backpack. Lithium-ion technology provides fast and smart charging with world-class performance and long-lasting power in one perfectly designed battery.

Comparable to petrol power, Li-ion technology provides a cleaner, emission-free way to work without sacrificing on the end result while keeping noise levels down to a minimum. The cost for a single charge compared to a full tank of fuel is also drastically reduced, meaning you get more bang for your buck use-on-use.

Landowner felling tree Chainsaw 435i and 340i

The Perfect All-Rounder

Whether you’re looking for a chainsaw to use around the garden or something to add to your arsenal of professional tools as a landscaping business owner, the Husqvarna 340i Battery-Powered Chainsaw is the perfect choice. Weighing in at just 2.8kg, it is heavy enough to provide stability for a smooth and even cut yet light enough not to place stress on your arms and core.

The narrow body optimises the centre of gravity toward the handles, providing maximum precision and control no matter the task at hand. With an X-Cut® chain and a speed of up to 20 m/s, the 14-inch bar makes it ideal for many tasks.

Felling, Pruning and Delimbing

Make your way through both wet and dry wood like a pro with the 340i battery saw. The 14” bar and semi-chisel X-Cut® chain take care of branches, trunks and limbs with ease. The brushless motor ensures torque remains consistent, helping prevent unwanted kickback. If you have the need to work for extended periods without a means to recharge your batteries, the 340i is compatible with our backpack batteries, giving you all of the power you need no matter where you may be.

Firewood Preparation

The 340i Battery-Power Chainsaw is the perfect tool for taking care of firewood preparation. From felling and limbing to cutting and sizing, get to work without the backache at the flick of a switch. Not sure how much working time you have left to play with? The intuitive user interface displays the battery status, letting you get to work without worrying about running out of juice.

Carpentry and Wood Art

The compact design and optimised centre of gravity makes the 340i an absolute gem when it comes to carpentry and sculpting. Enjoy tool-less chain tensioning, low vibrations and zero direct emissions for enjoyable carpentry work. Smooth cuts, maximum power and absolute precision are a given with this petrol-free chainsaw.

Top Features You’ll Find

The Husqvarna 340i Battery-Power Chainsaw comes fully loaded with all of the modern tech and features you need to get to work without interruption. Being a battery-powered chainsaw, it is quieter, cleaner and easier on the body thanks to the low vibration output.

Whether you want to get to work in the yard without disturbing your neighbours, get on with felling and delimbing in residential areas, cut firewood or clear damaged tree’s on contract - the 340i offers a quieter alternative to petrol chainsaws - without sacrificing on quality, raw power or control.

Just some of the features you’ll find on the 340i chainsaw include:

  • Li-ion Power - enjoy long-lasting and on-going power thanks to the 36V lithium-ion battery. Say goodbye to carrying flammable fuel, extra cans and additional weight. Easily switch out batteries to get all of the power you need no matter where your work takes you.
  • SavETM Mode - extend power output and working time with savE™ mode. Decide when you need maximum power and then switch it back when you want maximum runtime. The choice is yours.
  • Brushless Motor - developed in-house, the brushless motor is 25% more efficient when compared to a standard brush motor. Discover the secret to consistent high torque to see you through the toughest situations.
  • Inertia Chain Brake - smooth and safe stopping is made even easier thanks to the in-built inertia chain brake. Combined with the high-speed chain, a smoother, speedier cutting experience comes to life.
  • Flip-Up Oil Tank Cap - quickly and easily monitor bar oil levels thanks to the clear indicator. Need a top-up? Simply flip up the oil tank cap, add your oil and flip it down to close.

Discover the Difference, Today

As more focus is drawn to renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions, our commitment to designing and developing battery-powered tools that perform as well as, if not better than, petrol-powered options continues to grow. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re just making it smarter, faster and more in-line with today’s standards and expectations.

For the greenspace professional, you’ll appreciate the convenience and cost-saving benefits battery-power provides. Free up space and keep things safer by eliminating fuel. The slimline and compact Li-ion battery keeps tool weight down, making it more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. Plus the compact design of the chainsaw itself gives you more space in your truck for other tools.

Homeowners will also appreciate the power afforded by battery technology. From prepping and cutting firewood to removing branches and felling small trees, it provides all of the power you need around the garden without disturbing the neighbours.

Start your best journey both at home or at work with a battery-powered chainsaw that won’t let you down.