Akku- & Elektro-Laubblasgeräte

HUSQVARNA 120iB mit Akku und Ladegerät

Blowing Force
9,6 N
Gewicht ohne Akku
2 kg
HUSQVARNA 120iB mit Akku und Ladegerät - 967 97 61‑02


  • Akku
    BLi20, 36V / 4,0Ah
  • Akku-Ladegerät
    QC 80, 80W /220V


Husqvarna 120iB is a lightweight and easy-to-use battery-powered blower for small and medium gardens. Convenient, easy starts, fast acceleration, low weight and three modes for flexible operation. The compact design, soft-grip, low weight and perfect balance will allow you to work efficiently while putting less strain on your body.